For Instant IT Support
For Instant IT Support

What is Remote IT Support?

In the past, an IT specialist would be called out to your office or home to help sort out any problems relating to computer equipment, networks or software.

Whether you work at home or in the office, it’s now possible for much of the troubleshooting to be carried out remotely. You can get your computer systems back up and running in a fraction of the time it used to take waiting for a specialist to travel to the location.

Remote IT support involves downloading sophisticated remote software that allows the IT specialist to access a home or small business computer to pinpoint the exact problem and diagnose the repair.

The remote access software lets the IT specialist ‘take over’ a computer and access files and programs to help diagnose the problem.  When carried out by a trusted IT specialist company, remote IT support saves time emailing or transferring files to maintain data security.  

Here are some problems remote IT support be able to rectify while you wait in front of the computer.

The remote IT specialist will start with the basics:

  • Monitor not working – is it correctly plugged in and is the switch on?
  • Troublesome devices – simply restarting can clear the memory and sort out the issue.
  • Slow or patchy internet –  the IT specialist will be able to pinpoint whether it is the router, the broadband, the wi-fi, a network cable or your actual device.
  • Slow computer – malware or ransomware could be causing the problem, but your remote IT company will know what to look for to find the root of the problem.

The remote IT support team will move onto more advanced issues, which could include:

  • Data backup
  • Help with Windows, Linux, Mac, and mobile device support.
  • Ransomware recovery services
  • Security issues and anti-virus installation
  • Private and cloud server support
  • Remote server administration
  • Installing new software and linking to server

Managed remote IT support makes use of the most up-to-date technology to provide a fast, safe and secure service. Having IT problems diagnosed and rectified quickly and efficiently keeps productivity levels high and protects sensitive data.

When you choose Buzz A Geek for remote IT support, we utilise industry-leading software to gain access to your computer. We can install remote access software on all devices across your business whether your employees work in office or from remote locations. This gives full visibility into software updates, security threats and enables the remote IT support company to troubleshoot issues before they turn into bigger problems.

Whether you have a one-off issue or you need remote IT support on an ongoing basis, we have a solution for you! If you own a small business and want to keep it running at peak productivity then give us a call today to discuss how remote IT support can support your organisation.

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For Instant IT Support
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