The Experts When It Comes to Remote Computer Support Services

Getting *IMMEDIATE* support for your PC, Tablet, or Phone support is as easy as hitting this big ‘RED’ button.

Do you remember carting off your PC to the local computer shop concerned that you may not be able to reconnect all the cables when you get home? We certainly do.

Fortunately, this archaic ritual is no longer needed. Thanks to the Internet!

Our Remote IT Support Heroes come to your rescue. With over 300 technicians across Australia, we have the expertise and experience to tackle any computer-related issue you might have without having a technician pay you a visit.

We support the follow devices:

Android-based Tablets

All computers running Windows or Mac OSX

Android-based Mobile phones

Remote Support for Computer Networks

Support for Business VoIP Systems

So, what is remote computer support?

Maybe you’re time poor, have a deadline, you value your privacy, or perhaps having a visit from an onsite technician is simply impractical. Whatever the reason, our remote support service is perfect for getting small problems solved such as removing a virus infection, having software configured, figuring out why your computer is running SLLLOOOWWW, or if you’ve purchased a new PC and would like a hand configuring it.

With further lockdowns restrictions been announced through out Victoria, remote IT support is vital for individuals restricted to working from home.

So, whether you live in Perth, Melbourne, the Central Coast, Hobart or Sydney, there isn’t a place in Australia that we don’t support.

What you should know about our remote computer support

Most things can be fixed remotely, however if your device cannot connect to the internet then you’ll need a computer technician to pay you a visit. By calling us today we can schedule a technician to come right to your door step today!

During your appointment, one of our qualified technicians will connect to your desktop, laptop or electronic device through the internet. We use a special piece of software which allows us remote control of your device but also allowing you to see what we’re doing at all times.

At any point of the process you can ask us technical questions and we’ll be happy to answer them.

The whole process is completely safe, we’ll never ask for email passwords etc, and our remote support is uninstalled after the session, effectively removing our access once the repair is finished.

So how do I get remote support?


Use your phone to ring us on

1300 738 570

ALTERNATIVELY, fill out the contact form below at the bottom of this page.


We direct you to one of our websites to download special software.

Click here

And we’ll provide you with a 5-digit access code.

We Fix It

We connect to your device and get the problem fixed while you watch us.


All done

We uninstall our software effectively removing our remote access. We also take payment over the phone and generate your receipt!


Some of the things that can be fixed remotely:


  • Setting up your email correctly
  • Update Windows to the latest version
  • Fix and repair PC drivers
  • Remove unwanted programs and trial ware
  • Speed up a SLOW computer
  • Configure software
  • Find missing files and documents
  • Setup your printer (but we may need your help getting access to the printer)
  • Remove viruses and spyware or get antivirus security installed.
  • Fix PC’s that freeze up.
  • Provide support to remote learning software for parents.

Phones, Tablets and Devices

  • Setup email and other online accounts
  • Diagnose faulty applications
  • Install specific programs and features
  • Reconfigure your device which isn’t working as expected

Home & Office Networks

  • Forgotten your WiFi password.
  • Can’t access some websites.
  • Migrate your email to Office 365.
  • Network printers not printing.
  • Diagnose and speed up slow Internet connections.

An IT response to COVID-19

  • Help by providing remote IT support for employees and their staff.
  • Relocting your staff members from an office and into their homes, supporting their infrastucture needs and getting them up and running effectively.
  • Transition businesses who need to move to Office 365 or other cloud-based offerings.

Need a Remote IT Support Superhero? Getting you back up and running in no time!

Our services are fast, simple and affordable. Give us a call today on 1300 738 570 to book your appointment and see why people all over Australia choose Buzz A Geek.

Did we mention we offer a same-day service?

We Are Hiring

We are growing fast and looking for excellent, I.T. minded people to join our team.

To support and develop our ever expanding team, we are currently hiring in the following positions:

Call Center Agents

I.T. Technicians