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Home WiFi Install

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Home WiFi Install

and troubleshooting

Does your Home WiFi make you want to 'spit chips'?

There is nothing more frustrating than having a slow WiFi connection at home or the office, or finding it super difficult to get your Google Home setup on your WiFi,

Or worse yet! Having your WiFi drop out completely or Netflix showing the spinny-stream ball of death.

With buzz words like SSDI, 5G, WLAN, Access Point, WAP, Signal-to-noise, and 40Mhz, it’s easy to get lost in all the jargon.

But getting it working correctly sometimes requires an expert.

So who can you turn to when the WiFi isn’t working?

You need somebody to turn to when things go wrong or need help setting up Netflix to your Home WiFi or getting your employees working faster on the Office WiFi network.

It’s a this point you need a WiFi technician.

Buzz A Geek are the experts in setting up a WiFi that works!

With over 300 technicians across Australia we have the expertise and experience to tackle any Home or Office wireless network problem you might have.

So whether you’re in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, on the Gold Coast, or Perth, we have a WiFi expert near you!

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Eliminate WiFi drop-outs
Improve the Internet speed of your PC or Laptop
Setup new WiFi routers
Connect your TV, home threatres, and Foxtel boxes
Resolve game console WiFI issues

Common WiFi issues


You experience slow downloads speeds on the Internet when using your PC, laptop, tablet, phone or other mobile device.


You have very little to no coverage throughout your house including your outdoor areas.


Wireless drop outs when using mobile devices such as phones, tablets or printers.


Your Smart TV buffers your favorite TV program or doesn’t see your WiFi network at all.


Your music library stutters throughout on your Sonos system or Spotify.

How do we work?


Oh no! You realise there is something wrong WiFi setup at home or at the office.

At this point you need assistance from one of our Geeks.


Use your phone to ring us on 1300 738 570


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We ask a few questions to better understand the problem you’re having.

Send help

We then dispatch one of our WiFi experts to your Home or Office. We perform a wireless audit, measuring signal strength etc, and come up with an A-Team inspired plan!



Save the day!

Our I.T. Super WiFi Geeks provide the necessary changes and we get you and your devices working quicker on the Internet.

We accept DEBIT or CREDIT Cards.

5 Best Solutions for WiFi Dead Zones


Position your router! By having your router in the center of your home will allow the WiFi signal to propagate in a 360 degree pattern.


Configure your router correctly. Use your 2.4Ghz for devices that further away and use 5Ghz for devices that are close by. Also set the radio output power to 100%.


By positioning your WiFi access point antenna as high as possible. Try mounting your AP upside down on the ceiling for best coverage.


Utilise a Ethernet over Power (EOP) device over a WiFi extender. Choose WiFI repeaters wisely as some of the cheaper choices reduce the bandwidth by more than 50 percent!


For larger homes a hybrid approach to WiFi is the answer. A decent WiFi Mesh systems can eliminate most dead spots and improve the bandwidth.

Our Top 5 Ways to Boost Your Home WiFi


To cover an area effectively, you need to install your router roughly in the center of your home.


Always keep your WiFi network password protected. This stops unwanted leeches from jumping onto your Internet connection.


Your next door neighbour can affect your WiFi speed. Choose a different WiFi channel clear from other networks.


Use the 5Ghz network if possible when your TV or device is within 3 to 4 meters and free from obstruction to your WiFi router.


A periodic reboot of your WiFi router sometimes help with improving the speed of your wireless device.

Home WiFi Specialists

We have standardised on using Ubiquiti-based WiFi products and implemented 1000s of Home WiFi projects.

So whether it is extending your Internet connection throughout your home, pushing it through to a granny flat, or perhaps connecting up your shed 5kms away, we have the necessary skills to help.


Are you asking yourself? Is there a WiFi Technician near me?

We have Computer Geeks in Melbourne and all other major CBD’s across Australia.

Our onsite Computer WiFi Geeks perform a wide range of IT related services for customers at their home or place of business.

Our technicians enjoy diving straight into fixing Windows based-PCs and Apple Macs, provide support for Tablets and Mobile devices, ensure non-stop streaming of Stan, Disney+, or Netflix or even Amazon on your Smart TV, setup your new NBN Office network, getting your NBN phone working or just make sure that your WiFi network is working as quickly as it should.


Wrestling back control of your Home WiFi is easy...

So stop ‘Spitting Chips’ and fill out the form below to get one of our I.T. Super Heroes to ring you to discuss your options, pricing, and to book an WiFi expert to setup or troubleshoot your home network.

Did we mention we offer a same-day service?

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