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The What and the How of Computer Technicians

Computers are just like cars. If you don’t change the oil, change the filter, rotate the tyres and perform other regular maintenance, it will eventually break down and cost you more to repair than it would to perform the maintenance.

Expected tasks of a Technician or a ‘Geek’ as we like to call them.

Technicians need to be able to perform maintenance checks on your PC. Such tasks may include checking that your security software is up to date, that system backups are correctly functioning and is able to restore data from them, ensuring that security patches and operating system upgrades are completed routinely. And if, heaven forbid, that something does go wrong, be able to recovery from a PC melt-down.

Hiring of a Computer Expert

Let’s face it. Not many people are tech-savvy enough to fix computer stuff. So many home or business owners look at hiring an onsite computer service to fix or manage their computers and networks.

Benefits of hiring a computer technician near you are reduced spending. When outsourcing for a PC tech, you are hiring an individual or team of qualified individuals who are dedicated to keeping your systems up and running. From a business perspective that is one less employee to consider.

Hiring a PC technician for onsite computer services helps you to focus on your core business or regain personal time.

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Questions & Answers


How much would a computer technician cost me?

Most computer repairs or services jobs shouldn’t take longer than an hour to perform. Unlike our competitors we don’t charge sneaky same-day service or travel fees.

Our charge our rate depends on your postal code so it’s best to give us a ring to get an idea what you’re in for.


Are there PC technicians near me?

Yes, there are. That is the main reason to use Buzz A Geek. We have technicians all over Australia.

So, we have computer technicians on the Gold Coast, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Darwin, Melbourne and in between.

You would be amazed where we have technicians.


Why choosing Buzz A Geek is your good idea

Not limited but here are 2 reasons;

  1. If you rely on a one man operator, you might find yourself without any help when they go on vacation, get sick, or when they are simply too busy servicing other customers. Choosing Buzz A Geek, means you have multiple technicians on staff that can offer fast, reliable service
  2. No one computer guy, has infinite knowledge about every type of software, hardware, and platform. Multiple technicians mean multiple skill sets and a higher likelihood that your computer problem will get resolved faster.

Our technical services cover these devices and more

Tablets and Mobile Phones

Windows-based PCs

Laptops Repairs and Setup

Network Setup

Smart TVs and other devices


Our Computer & Internet Technicians perform a wide range of IT related services for customers at their home or place of business. Our technicians enjoy diving straight into fixing Windows based-PCs and Apple Macs, provide support for Tablets and Mobile devices, ensure non-stop streaming of Stan or Netflix on your Smart TV, setup your new NBN connection or just make sure that your WiFi network is working as quickly as it should.


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