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What is cyber security and why is it important?

While most computer users are aware of cyber security to some degree, the level at which your data and systems are protected could determine the future of your business.

We understand cyber security can seem like a daunting task, but as cybercriminals are constantly devising inventive new ways to access personal information, it’s essential you have a basic understanding of how you can protect your systems.

Here are our most frequently asked cyber security questions Keep reading as we share the basic information every computer user needs.

Q: What is cyber security?

A: Cyber security regards the protection of online systems and data.  Unfortunately, cybercriminals are focussed on stealing data, infecting systems and holding computer users (that’s you!) to ransom. Cyber security denies access to cybercriminals and protects software, data and hardware, thus keeping your information and systems safe. 

Q: How do I manage cyber security risk?

A: Managing cyber security risk is best done by professionals who know how the cyber security chain works – if one link is not functioning, the whole system is at stake. Your IT specialist will be able to secure all aspects of your system while streamlining your operations to deliver information faster. These days it’s all about safe and accelerated delivery of applications if you want to stay ahead.

Q: What is a cyber security risk?

A: Cyber security risks have become multi-stage operations by cybercriminals against unsuspecting small businesses and large corporations.

The IT specialists are trained to identify any weak links in your security systems and will take steps to ensure you are protected. They will analyse your system and let you know which areas need attention to reduce the risk of cyber attacks.

You could be the victim of ransomware attacks where cyber criminals take over your files, and you are forced to pay a ransom to get back what is rightfully yours. Cyber criminals also gain entry into company networks through crypto-mining attacks. Even something as seemingly innocuous as a vaccine sign up site could be a cyber security risk.

Don’t worry if you are unsure what these attacks involve. The Buzz-A-Geek specialists are here to make sure you are protected.

Q: How do I keep up to date with cyber security?

A: Cyber criminals are constantly working to find new ways to part you from sensitive data or cash through various cyber scams. The IT specialists are one step ahead, though. Through a monitoring system available for a small monthly fee, your systems are scanned and checked on an ongoing basis. Regular checks enable the IT specialists to identify cyber security risks daily and take action to prevent the cybercriminals from gaining a foothold in your system. 

It is better to prevent attacks than have to deal with the consequences of one. For peace of mind, give Buzz-A-Geek a call today and find out how their specialist team can safeguard the data and systems you have worked so hard to establish. 

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