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Unlimited NBN Plans

For Small Business

Is it EOFY already? Here are some NBN ™ deals to get excited about

Start your off the new financial year with a super-fast Internet NBN ™ connection from Buzz A Geek.

With unlimited downloads, connection speeds that are out of this world, and no installation fees, we get your small business communicating effectively.

Super-value UNLIMITED Business NBN Plans.

We have a plan for all types. All our plans are monthly with a choice of a 12 or 24 months contract. The longer the contract the bigger the incentive!

nbn100 *

Typical Peak Speeds 83Mbps

Our premium NBN ™ connection allowing businesses to share large files quickly and with ease.​

Line Speed: 100Mbps/40Mbps

* Recommended




Typical Peak Speeds of 43Mbps

Suitable for an office of 5-10 individuals. Websites download quick and your upload speed is reasonable.

Line Speed: 50Mbps/20Mbps




Typical Peak Speeds of 24Mbps

Perfect for a small company with less than 5 employees. You might have to wait a little longer but it’s not going to hit a company’s back pocket.

Line Speed: 25Mpbs/5Mbps



But wait... There is more!

You have a choice between a 12 month or 24 contract and the cool incentives that go with it

12 months contract

  • First full month free
  • Free activation
  • Free WiFi modem (attracts a $20 shipping fee)

24 months contract

  • Get the first 2 full month free
  • Free activation
  • Free WiFi modem (attracts a $20 shipping fee)

Asking yourself 'What the heck is Mbps'?

It’s not uncommon for our customer to get caught in all the mumbo-techno-jargon when selecting a Internet connection speed for your business.

Typically you’ll see plans marked with reference to their download and upload capabilities. For example, 100/40, would indicate 100Mbps download with a 40Mbps upload speed.

What does this mean? A bigger connection such as 100/40 would stream High Definition Netflix without a stutter, or sending emails would fly out of your mailbox! A slower connection would affect the quality of your Internet experience.

Need help setting up your office network with a NBN connection?

Not tech-savvy? Don’t have the time?

Why not talk to us about getting a technician out to your business to setup your new NBN connection. We can help setup your email, configuring automatic cloud backups, install your WiFI and make sure it is secure, and so many other things..


Switch to us this EOFY for a Super-Fast NBN Connection!

Talk to us today about getting the NBN connection your organisation deserves. By filling out this form below we strive to get back to you within a few hours. If you can’t wait, then why not give us a call on 1300 738 570.

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