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For Instant IT Support

So – you think your computer has a bug!

Some people are just not tech Savvy

For people who are not tech savvy, the thought of your computer catching a bug can put chills down your spine.  Especially if you are the sort of person that is happy if your computer just turns on and off and does what it is told in between. Some people are tech savvy, just like others are good at sport or good at mechanics.  I was good at sport, but I have never been good at anything mechanical.  I remember when I first bought my first car.  Someone asked me what size motor I had in it.  I didn’t have a clue, so we popped the bonnet and I was informed that it was a 1.8 litre.  So now, if anyone asks me what size motor I have in my car, I proudly tell them, it is a 1.8.  Even though my first car was a Toyota Corona and I now drive a Prado Diesel.  Who would have thought!

Go ahead make my day

Which proves my point, we are all not the same.  For some people, the thought of a bug in their computer, is like Clint Eastwood saying, “Go ahead, make my day”.  Where others will squeal like a girlie man.  What we would like to do for you, is turn you in to a Clint Eastwood of the IT world, so you can take the heat when it’s being dished out.  But how, you say.  How can you toughen me up, so I don’t faint at the thought of my computer crashing, or someone in Nigeria spending my money which I had saved for my bowling trip to Greenland?  Get it, Greenland!  Bowling Green – “land”.  Ok, we’ll move on.

How to impress a Geek

So, if your computer has still not started after you have hung out the washing and made a coffee and it’s playing up like a second hand lawn mover.   Or if you log online to do your banking and your mouse icon moves when you are not touching it. Yes, you could have a bug in the system.  Now, if you are not tech savvy and if you call a Computer tech to fix your computer, they will tell you they loaded a CCLeaner to remove the temporary data out of the hard drive and this should automatically clean up the hard drive.  That is when you just nod your head and look like you know exactly what they are talking about.  If you want to sound intelligent, you can ask. “Great, how many Gig, do you think it removed?  This question will give the Geek great joy and this will have them proudly telling you exactly how much Gig, they removed from your hard drive.  Hard Drive – that’s the black box, that you turn – off and on.

Does a Giga Bite?

What I am trying to say is.  You don’t have to know all about the hard drive, and all about the Gigs, and whether they bite and the temporary data that is building up in your computer like the lint in your dryer.  No, leave it to the Geek.  That is what they love doing.  My recommendations to make sure you’re a tough guy, protected and not scared to call Buzz a Geek, or go online and register to have a Geek come to your house.  They can install an antivirus to protect your computer(s) from worms or viruses, then they might also recommend a Virtual Private Network – VPN to protect your browsing history (click on our July blog, How secure are you online, to learn more).  But, I take Vitamin C, every day to fight all types of colds and viruses, you say.  Ok, that is where you probably need to call Buzz A Geek to set you up for anti-virus on your computer, and don’t repeat that to anyone.  The Geek will come to your house, they will check your computer, install the anti-virus and they can also look at doing the VPN thingy while they are there.

So, I’m off to pop my bonnet and look proudly at my 1.8.  Happy computing and hopefully we’ll talk one day on the Facebook.

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