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Six ways to make your business cyber secure

In our digital world, cybersecurity is no longer a luxury but an essential element of business operations. 

Developments in sophisticated technology certainly help businesses grow. But, on the flip side, better access to software and programs can also help hackers access data maliciously with a potentially devastating impact on businesses of all sizes. 

With more people working at home than ever before, we’re coming across a lot of businesses that work outside of company security protocol putting more employees than ever at risk of a cyber threat.

Regardless of the size of your company, if customer or company data is held online, it is your professional obligation to protect all details by removing all opportunity for a cyber attack. 

Here are six of the most effective ways to help make your business cyber secure. 

1) Regularly patch and update software

Patching is the process of identifying and repairing flaws or security vulnerabilities in any online system. Updates containing newly released patches keep operating systems and browsers safe from potential security threats. 

2) Install a secure VPN

A VPN is a virtual private network that creates a secure connection across the computer and internet network. A secure VPN means that hackers and those with malicious intention cannot view or pose any threat to data. 

With a range of VPNs available, it’s important to research the most suitable network for your needs.  

3) Protect data

Protecting data is critical to business operations in the following three areas: : 

  • Dividing data 
  • Encrypting data
  • Backing up data

Dividing data means customer or company information is stored in multiple locations so it can’t be accessed in one single attack. The process is time consuming but is vital to making sure hackers can’t access everything they need to bring your system to a halt. 

Encrypting data involves installing software to make sure data can’t be viewed or read. Effective encryption means that even if they can gain access, hackers won’t be able to pose any threat. 

Backing up data means that in the event of a malicious attack, you still have access to records and the impact on your business will be less. We always recommend cloud solutions as the most effective, but you can read more about backing up here.

4) Install strict permissions

Only allow IT staff the permission to install programs and software on company computers. Restricting access will reduce the likelihood of malicious spyware and malware being installed on the network by those with less experience. 

5) Educate staff

While installing software to avoid cybersecurity is essential, educating staff and personnel on the effective protocol is the next most necessary step. 

Education around choosing complex passwords, avoiding uploading suspicious files, reporting abnormal behaviour and not clicking links in unsolicited email is paramount.  

6) Contact Buzz A Geek

Whether you’re working at home or looking for expert advice from your office company, Buzz A Geek provides an integrated service designed to reduce the risk and repair cyber attacks

Our services will help you prepare for and protect against cyber attacks and respond and repair computers, servers, networks, devices and data in the event you fall victim to an attack. 

Our services include: 

  • Internal audit of all networks, equipment and data
  • Risk assessment strategy 
  • Incident response planning and training 
  • Full training on best-practice security protocol for all personnel
  • Cloud security

Phishing, hacking, data breaches and malware are only a small handful of methods that cyber attackers are risking data and threatening businesses.  We can help you understand potential threats and provide systems to remove the threat of cyber attack to help keep your business safe. 

Contact Buzz A Geek today for more information.

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