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For Instant IT Support

Printer Setup

Service, Support and Troubleshooting

Printer Setup

Service, Support and Troubleshooting

The printers of today are incredibly versatile and provide more functionality than ever before. However, they have also become more complicated to learn.

Most printers now have Cloud capabilities, allow scanning directly to email addresses, or print pictures directly from your digital camera.

However, when users get the dreaded “Printer Offline” even after a dreaded paper jam has cleared, they turn to us for support.

The reasons why printer stop working are varied. It might be a stuck printer spooler, a driver issue, change of router, or many weird behaviours not listed here. All the more reason why you would want one of our technicians to come out to your business or home and resolve your printer problems. 

So if you are struggling and need help to configure your printer or learning how to use it, why not get one of our Geeks out to help! And if you need one in an emergency, we can always supply one!

Our printer service

Setting up a new printer

Most printers today have built in WiFi capabilities. This allows you to print from anywhere on your home network from your PC or mobile devices. Our technicians can help install and setup your printer. And if you printer is not WiFi based then we can setup that too.

Printing from a Smart Phone, Tablet or the Cloud

Most manufacturers now have built in software to allow mobile devices to print directly to their printers. Whether this is directly on your network or via the Cloud, we are able to provide you support in getting your printer working correctly.

Troubleshooting printer issues

Printer problems manifest themselves in all ways. Our printer technicians come to you and get down to the nuts and bolts to figure out why your printer issue is occuring and resolve these problems quickly. Also we have a remote IT service which can help limit the time taken to wait for a technician.

How our printer support service works

Oh No!

Drats! You have a problem with your printer not connecting to WiFi, or displaying an 'Offline' message, and you have a deadline!

1. Connect
With Us

Fill out the contact form below or give us a ring and request a call back

2. Trouble

We will ring you back to discuss your problem and see where we can help you.

3. Help Is On The Way

With over 350 computer technicians across the country, we’ll dispatch one right to your door step!

4. We'll Save The Day

Our geeks will fix your computer or technical issue, printer, laptop or server and put a smile back on your dial!

Interesting Facts about Printers


Cartridge manufacturers use 3.79L of Oil to get just one single cartridge to the consumer, factoring in transporation etc.


The fastest printers in the world can spit out an average of 150 pages per minute. *ZING*


Recent advances in 3D technology allow certain printers to be able to print food. Experts reckon it will be common in every household. Move over Sodastream!


There are too many ink cartridges in the world!

If every print cartridge was placed next to each other in a line it would wrap around the Earth 3 times!


3D printing is a viable option for display advertising, large scale concept models, car parts, furniture, molds & tooling.

Additional Services


  • Repairs to Desktops, Servers, Laptops, Apple Macs, and All-in-Ones
  • Setup new home computers,and configure smart phones.
  • Fix and repair failed hardware
  • Upgrade SLOW computers
  • Install and configure software
  • Remove viruses and malware
  • Upgrade PCs, Macs, Laptops and Servers
  • Supply Desktops, Laptops, Servers and other devices with 3 year warranties
  • Repairs to POS systems for bars and restuarants.

TV and Audio Devices

  • Setup Smart Tvs
  • Configure streaming devices to your network such as Chromecast, Telstra T-Box, Fetch TV or Apple TV
  • Improve your Internet connection to avoid video buffering
  • Add wireless audio speaker systems like Sonos and others
  • Install NAS servers for all your home movies

Internet and Home/Office WiFi

  • Install and manage fast Wired and WiFi computer networks.
  • Eliminate WiFi dead spots in your home or office.
  • Troubleshoot slow connections and drop outs
  • Organise and setup SUPER FAST internet connections
  • Setup cost-effective Internet Telephony (VOIP) systems
  • Configure Home/Office VPN connections

Service Level Agreements

  • Provide proactive IT support for your IT infrastructure.
  • 24/7 monitoring of all critical devices.
  • All issues whether automatic or raised manually are lodged with our ticketing system.
  • Most items resolved within 2 hours of being lodged.
  • Updates to workstations, servers and network devices performed periodically.
  • Management and audit of software licencing.


  • Setup gaming consoles and improve their connection to the Internet
  • Upgrade gaming PCs or Laptops

Website and Cloud services

Data Recovery & Backups

  • Implement cloud-based or local backup solutions
  • Recover lost or missing personal data like Documents or Photos
  • Hard drive repairs

Your Private Life & Security

  • Protect your devices with multi layer security
  • Review your Social Media accounts for potential privacy threats
  • Scan your PC, Mac or Laptop for Spyware, Malware, and other unwanted software
  • Protect your children from explicit online content

Printer Support is a Form-Click away!

Getting in touch with us is easy! Activate the geek signal by completing this form and we’ll be there in a flash to save you from your printer!

No call out fees. Competitive rates.

Our service is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the service we have provided then we’ll happily provide you with a full refund.

(terms and conditions apply)

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