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Microsoft 365: Top reasons Outlook is our recommended email service

When Office 365 rebranded to Microsoft 365, along with the name change came a more sophisticated offering for users. An upgraded version of Outlook was one of many developments popular with both home and business users. 

Microsoft Outlook is a widely used email platform designed to digitally connect users and streamline communications across multiple channels. 

While the email program of choice for many homes and business users across the globe, Microsoft Outlook has a host of features that many aren’t aware of. 

If you’re currently researching the benefits of Microsoft Outlook compared to any other email platform, keep reading as we share the reasons Outlook is our recommended email service.

1) Increased security

In our digital community, cybercrime is on the rise. Whether you run your business from home or a corporate office, your clients’ information must remain safe and secure from hackers.   Microsoft 365 Outlook filters junk and phishing emails and blocks external content such as viruses and unsolicited data. You can also disable live links while the in-built email scanner can alert you if the source is deemed untrustworthy. 

2) On the move connectivity

Instead of Outlook being an exclusive in-office email system, the platform also connects to any mobile device. Receive, compose and send emails on the go when you’re between meetings, travelling or even at the gym.  

Once the Outlook account is synced to a mobile device, the calendar can become a portable planner alerting you to scheduled and new appointments while you’re away from your desk.

3) Compatibility with Microsoft Exchange

Using Microsoft Exchange to run the email server for the business means that Outlook and Exchange can be paired. This is as simple as opening Outlook, entering your email address and allowing Outlook and Exchange to sync. Synching the two platforms reduces time spent on configuration, and the need for an in-house IT specialist, especially when staff members need to switch computers in the workplace. 

4) Multiple user accounts

With Microsoft 365’s Outlook program you can set up multiple user accounts. The IMAP and POP3 protocols make it feasible to send several accounts to one folder. If you prefer to keep them separate, the information can be sorted into individual folders. Outlook has the capacity for you to arrange emails and locate information easily while keeping project details together. 

5) Improved searching capacity 

Business emails can easily build up and it can be difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. With an integrated search function, it’s possible to search for specific emails, contacts or words within an email. Search results generally take seconds and allow you to find what you’re looking for without trawling through hundreds and in many cases, thousands of emails.

6) Connect with colleagues and clients

The Microsoft 365 outlook calendar can be shared with colleagues and clients alike helping to provide transparency within a team and allowing for efficient scheduling for meetings and appointments. 

If clashes occur, it’s possible to edit and manage the online calendars to make sure everyone is on the same virtual page. The Outlook calendar also makes it possible for staff to send text messages to the mobile devices of contacts, while clients can also share contact information and virtual business cards. 

7) Integrate activities

With Microsoft 365 Outlook, address books, calendars, task lists and even digital sticky notes are integrated. When emails are received, you no longer have to work across multiple platforms but can drop the information from the email to create an appointment, set up a task and create a sticky note. 

8) Superior level of organisation

Regardless of the size of the business, Outlook makes it very easy for clients to apply their own filing and redirecting system for emails. Auto messages including out-of-office replies can be sent to specific contacts, and a colour-coded flag system can collect links to all flagged messages before moving them into a dedicated folder to ensure an efficient follow-up. 

9) Email for SharePoint

Microsoft 365’s collaborative platform SharePoint, comes with tools for creating and managing websites, workspaces and intranets, to name just a few. When users are required to check on discussions and documents, an automatic email is sent reminding them to make sure shared projects remain on track. 

Microsoft 365 Outlook is one of the most sophisticated and widely used email platforms across the world. To find out about installing Outlook on your business network, contact Buzz A Geek today.

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