For Instant IT Support
For Instant IT Support

Managed IT Services Across Australia

A proactive approach to business performance. Ongoing support and safe and secure monitoring of all IT systems for a faster and more advanced IT service.
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Managed IT Services Across Australia
A proactive approach to business performance. Ongoing support and safe and secure monitoring of all IT systems for a faster and more advanced IT service.
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Managed IT services are the superior IT model for businesses of the future.

From sole traders to medium-sized businesses, managed IT services prioritise the smooth and streamlined running of all IT systems. Whether you work remotely or oversee a team in an office, access to integrated, cloud-based software can help reduce downtime,  increase efficiencies within a busy office and prioritise business growth.

For software solutions, sophisticated networking and infrastructure, and 24/7 IT troubleshooting,  find out more about managed IT services from Buzz A Geek.

What Are Managed IT Services?

For a low monthly starting fee, Buzz A Geek provides ongoing support, and safe and secure monitoring of all IT systems to help any business run smoothly.

With round the clock monitoring of all IT systems, we remain one step ahead of identifying, diagnosing, and resolving IT problems; in many cases before our partners even know they exist!

If a fault is logged, with the installed software to identify and rectify errors at our disposal, you’re already at the front of the queue to receive a faster and more advanced IT service.

Services Include:

Managed IT services help our partners take a proactive approach to business management by reducing downtime, increasing productivity, reducing security threats and contributing to accurate budget forecasts.

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Benefits of managed IT services

Streamlined IT solutions

Don’t spend hours at the back of the queue waiting for IT repair. We prioritise managed IT services partners and aim for a two-hour resolution.

Improved security

As a centralised point for service and maintenance of all systems and programs, you’re guaranteed the latest updates and ongoing security for all systems.

Uninterrupted operations

With a dedicated IT team on hand 24/7, we get you back online faster to remove all unnecessary interruptions to business operations.

Stable and secure networks

Managed IT services reduce the chance of server and network failures, but if they happen, we’re on the end of the phone any time of night or day.

Scalable and cost effective

As your business grows, so does our support service. Only pay for the service you need rather than budget for full time staff.

Fully licensed and regulated 

All our staff are experts in their field with the necessary education, training and experience to deliver a first-class IT service.

Who are managed IT services for?

Businesses of all sizes

Medical centres


Real estate agencies

Managed IT services: The process

Once our partnership starts, making the most of your managed IT services is as easy as 1,2, 3….

1. Software

We’ll walk you through installing the ConnectWise software onto your systems to give us easy access to your equipment and networks.

2. System

In the detailed review, we’ll learn more about your current set up and systems and highlight any vulnerabilities or areas of concern.

3. Help When You Need It

When you log IT faults through the software, expect an immediate contact. As a managed IT services partner, you go to the front of the queue, and we’ll have someone looking at your issues within two hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

When we begin our managed IT services partnership, we’ll show you how to download ConnectWise on your systems to give us full visibility and access to your equipment. You’re in full control of your systems at all times.

Managed IT services for schools include server and network maintenance and upgrades, network planning, restoring lost data, diagnosing connectivity issues and general IT troubleshooting to keep staff and students working uninterrupted.

Yes! Whether you work at a school, own a real estate agency, work for a government agency or you’re a sole trader working from home, we have a managed IT services package to suit your needs. 

There are no extra charges unless you require addition technical support outside of your agreed contract scope.

Yes! And more than that, our managed IT services reduce your risk of cyberattacks because we secure your network and manage updates, so you always have the most secure systems to keep malicious threats at bay.

We usually find that while there might be not many IT problems on the surface, once we delve a little deeper into systems and networks, vulnerabilities and areas for improvement are identified.  Don’t worry, we give you full visibility and help you understand what we’re doing before making any significant upgrades.

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Our service is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the service we have provided then we’ll happily provide you with a full refund.

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