For Instant IT Support
For Instant IT Support

Home and Office Internet Setup Services from Expert Technicians

We provide same-day on-site support for you when your service provider can’t help.

Some of the services our Internet Technicians perform at your Home or Office....

The internet is now part and parcel of our everyday lives, playing a pivotal role in business, education, leisure, errands and more. From watching your favourite show on Netflix to ordering your groceries online, the internet influences nearly everything! Seamless connectivity between devices is now also a bare necessity for most people and Cloud syncing, printers, sound systems and more now integrated across all our personal devices.

In fact, we now need the internet more than ever, making a reliable internet setup an essential for all homes and businesses.

Provide and Setup new NBN connections

Speed Up and Maximise your Internet Connection

Install & Extend your WiFi Network

Setup TV streaming services

Experienced internet technicians to help with setup and troubleshooting

Whether you need help with home internet setup at your new property or are experiencing difficulties with your internet, Buzz A Geek is the team to trust. With buzzwords like NBN, Wi-Fi, FTTN, ADSL, SMART TV and Extender, it’s easy to get lost in all the jargon. You need somebody to turn to when things go wrong or need help setting up or configuring an Internet device in order to get your home or office internet up and running as quickly as possible.

When setting up a new internet connection, we can make recommendations on the ideal placement of wireless equipment, configure equipment to work properly, teach you and your family how to use new equipment, connect all your devices, and double down on your wireless security. You’ll be able to enjoy seamless connectivity, reliable performance and enhanced security throughout your home or office by having your internet smoothly setup by one of our expert computer technicians.

With over 300 internet technicians across Australia we have the expertise and experience to tackle any internet-related problem you might have. So whether you’re in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, or Canberra, there’s sure to be a qualified internet technician near you!

Common Customer Questions


Is my WiFi network secure that my neighbours can’t jump on and use my Internet?


I want to protect my family, mostly my children, from the dangers of the Internet. Can you help?


I’m sick of my Internet Service Provider. Can you help us migrate to a new one without any disruption?


Can you help us setup our new NBN connection? We can’t understand how to connect our old telephone to the router. Can you do this for us?


My Internet connection is so slow. Can you find out why this is?

Customer Reviews

"Many thanks for your wonderful service and also patience and understanding. Much appreciated. May your business keep powering with your vision"
Customer Reviews

"My technician was on time and provided excellent service, very helpful and patient, this is my first time with this company and the end result was very satisfactory. I will definitely use this service again."

Verified on (27/02/2019)
Customer Reviews

"Very happy with the service and it was done within an hour."
Customer Reviews

"Thanks "Buzzers", you got our computer working just in time for my daughter's school project!"
Customer Reviews

"Fair dinkum wrapped with your service! ​

Your tech was very thorough & explained everything to me as he weaved his magic & got everything back in shape. "

How do we work?


Oh no! You realise there is something wrong with your new NBN connection, WiFi setup or just need your email configured.

At this point you need assistance from one of our Geeks.


Use your phone to ring us on 1300 738 570


Fill out the contact form below at the bottom of this page.


We ask a few questions to better understand the problem you’re faced with.

Send help

We then dispatch one of our Internet technicians to your Home or Office.​



Save the day!

Our Internet geeks will fix your network, computer or technical issue, laptop or server and put a smile back on your dial!

We accept DEBIT or CREDIT Cards.

Does your Home WiFi frustrate you?

Our WiFi-Geeks understand what it takes to make sure that NetFlix doesn’t stutter, find out why you can’t print to a wireless printer, or why you are not getting download speeds that you deserve.

Our complete range of computer and internet technician services

Poor computer and internet performance can greatly affect your quality of life at home, as well as team-wide productivity at the office. Don’t put off seeking home or office IT help any longer – reach out to Buzz A Geek to describe your issues and we’ll get back to you within 15 minutes during business hours.

Our IT expertise extends beyond internet setup support to the security of digital devices, repairs, recovering lost data, removing viruses and plenty more. Having been in business for almost 10 years and expanded all over the country, book your next computer service with Buzz A Geek to experience the difference. You’ll find our affordable prices and real, friendly service a breath of fresh air!

We have WiFi experts near you!

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need to set up your internet, diagnose or troubleshoot WiFi problems, or just get your internet running the way it should, our Internet Technicians will be able to help. 

But that’s not all. They can also help set up and configure devices on your WiFi network, improve signal strength and stability, beef up your wireless security and even teach your family members how to use your WiFi equipment.

Installing your internet can be a giant headache. 

Besides setting up your devices and configuring them correctly, there are many things that could influence your internet’s performance. 

Not only could doing it alone cost you a whole lot of time and effort, but you may miss important details that could prevent your internet from performing optimally.

By having one of our Internet Technicians install your internet, you can relax knowing that it will be set up correctly, allowing you to enjoy maximum speed and rock-solid stability.

We have over 300 Internet Technicians servicing Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Canberra and Perth

No matter what internet problem you’re facing, our experts have seen it all and will be able to tackle anything you put in front of them.

If you have a problem with your internet give us a call on to organise a booking today.

An on-site visit will cost $160.00(Inc. GST) for the first hour with every additional 15-minute block costing $40.00. There are no call-out or travel fees and we accept both VISA and Mastercard for payment.

Most internet issues are resolved within the first hour. However, depending on your problem it may require more time to resolve.


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For Instant IT Support
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