For Instant IT Support
For Instant IT Support

The People to Call for Expert Computer Insurance Reports

Need help in eliminating the frustrations of dealing with your Insurer for your damaged computer?

We write insurance reports for many types of Home or Office electronic computer devices!

Need help in eliminating the frustrations of dealing with your Insurer for a damaged computer? Give the team at Buzz A Geek a call!

We write insurance reports for many types of home or office electronic computer devices! Quick, convenient and super affordable, we’re here to help you make your claim, minus the stress!

Networking Equipment like Routers and WiFi devices

Tablets and Mobiles

Tablets and Mobiles

TVs and other home theater devices

Computer insurance reports made easy

There is nothing worse than losing your computer at the wrong time! You’ve got a business deadline, you’ve worked all night on your presentation, and then *CRACK!*, a bolt of lightning hits and you’ve lost your PC. However, the frustration of dealing with your Insurance Company and their paperwork might be the very thing that pushes you over the edge.

But wait! Our IT Superheroes can save you!

With a professional nationwide reach of over 300 technicians, we’re able to dispatch a local Superhero to evaluate the damage and write up that comprehensive insurance computer report for you!

On top of this, we also offer a range of IT-related services, such as computer support, computer repairs and malware removal throughout Hobart, Canberra and the Central Coast.

Give us a call to book one of our tech-experts today

Step #1 - Damage Report, Mr Sulu!

Has your computer or device been accidentally dropped from a dizzy height, or a bolt of thunder has smoked the PC, or you’ve had the misfortune of having water spilled all over the keyboard?

If the answer is YES; We’ll do a full comprehensive assessment of your computer identifying the damaged cause.

Step #2 - Replace or Repair.. that is the question!

The question is whether the computer is fixable, can we get it up and running, or do we get the local undertaker?

We’ll provide you and your insurance company the complete low-down on what the options are. Getting you back up and running quickly.

Step #3 - We write up a detail report

Your technician on the day will write up a clear and concise report so that your insurer has the complete picture. It’s this report that will make the whole claim process that much more easier. We’ll even send the report to your Insurer and liaise with them on your behalf!

Step #4 - Sigh with Relief!

As quickly as the incident happened we can get you back up on your feet. So if the insurance company is feeling generous and decides to replace your PC we can even help setup your new one and transfer your information across!

How do we work?


Oh no! You realise there is something wrong WiFi setup at home or at the office.

At this point you need assistance from one of our Geeks.


Use your phone to ring us on 1300 738 570


Fill out the contact form below at the bottom of this page.


We ask a few questions to better understand the problem you’re faced with.

Send help

We then dispatch one of our computer technicians to your Home or Office.



Save the day!

Your assigned geek will assess the damage, provide a comprehensive report, and get in contact with your Insurance Company.


We accept DEBIT or CREDIT Cards.


By calling us today you can get a local Computer Expert to provide a comprehensive insurance report for the damage that has been caused to your PC or electronic device. We talk to the insurance company directly so that you don’t have to!



Need a Super Hero to help with a claim?

Fill out the form below to get one of our I.T. Super Heroes to ring you to discuss your options, pricing, and book a technician.
Did we mention it offer a same-day service?

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How often do you get calls from your desperate friends and loved ones looking for IT help?

With these holidays, why not gift your loved ones a card that gives them computer support on demand? Reducing your anxiety and allowing you to relax easier in 2023.

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