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How to prepare a computer insurance report

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How to prepare a computer insurance report

Whether you’re running a business or you’re an at-home computer user, if an incident leaves computer equipment damaged, you must prepare a detailed computer insurance report as soon as possible.   

Preparing a thorough computer insurance report will ensure repairs or replacements are compensated in a reasonable timeframe to minimise downtime and get you back online faster. 

Whether you’ve had a break-in, an accident, or experienced storm damage, if you’re looking to claim on your insurance for computer repairs or replacement, here’s how to prepare a computer insurance report accurately.  

An insurance report must be detailed and include the following information: 

Time and date of the incident

Being vague or relying on memory about when the incident occurred is likely to delay the claims process. As soon as you notice the damage, log the exact time and date it occurred to avoid any dispute.

While you might think you can rely on your memory, the insurance process can take time. Those seemingly insignificant details might be a little harder to recall in the future. 


Note down the exact location the incident occurred because this might affect a claim. Include the exact address and any unit or building numbers. Also record whether the equipment was being moved or between locations at the time.  

Incident description

The description of the incident needs to be clear and specific. Being vague about the details of the incident on the computer insurance report is likely to hold up the claim as the insurer requests further information. 

Lack of details can arouse suspicion. Set the scene and give as much information as possible about the situation before, during and after the incident. 

Insurers frown upon assumptions and guesses. Make sure you stick to the facts and state clearly if something is your opinion. 

A list of damages

Clearly state any damage caused by the incident, including minor damage that you might not see as relevant. No matter how small something appears, you might need to rely on this record later in the investigation, so make a note of everything. 

Witness details

The computer insurance report should include details of any witnesses who saw the incident and can be contacted during the investigation. You might want to collect written statements for the computer insurance report to help the insurer understand the nature of the incident. 

Claimant details

You also need to include the contact details of yourself or a company representative who may be dealing with the claim. If the incident involves company equipment, include details of the IT manager who knows the history of the equipment too. 

Photos of the damage

While the written statement is important, photos of the damage can help solidify a claim. If you have any photos of the equipment in use before the incident, include those too. 

Prevention strategy

The computer insurance report should include measures that are in place to avoid the same type of incident from happening again. Whether these were already in place and something went wrong, or you’ve identified a new way to keep computer equipment safe following the incident, insurers want to know that you can prevent the same event in the future. 

Buzz A Geek makes computer insurance reports easy!

Regardless of the nature of the incident, Buzz A Geek can send an IT technician to the scene to evaluate the damage and make professional recommendations on whether computer equipment can be repaired or needs replacing. 

With over ten years of experience in mobile IT solutions, we’ll also write a comprehensive computer insurance report including all the information that insurers need to make the claim process streamlined and smooth. 

In most cases, we can liaise directly with the insurer. All you need to do is sit back and wait for the claim to be processed.  

If you want to find out more about computer insurance reports with Buzz A Geek, contact us today.

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