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How technology can help you achieve your New Year’s Resolutions in 2022

We all know that as the clock strikes ‘New Year’, the resolutions flow along with the celebratory champagne.

We will go to the gym. We will become more organised. And we will increase productivity into the New Year.

If you traditionally find it difficult to stick to those well-intentioned resolutions, technology can come to your rescue!

Here are five apps and technology hacks that can help you achieve those personal and professional resolutions long into 2022.

  1. Declutter

There’s nothing more demotivating than a cluttered, disorganised inbox.

SaneBox will filter your emails to the parameters you choose to help you avoid overwhelm. SORT’D and have also proven themselves to be highly effective in giving an overview of what’s useful and what can be trashed.

Sort your inbox into folders for each client or program so you can easily see at a glance anything that deserves your attention.

While email sales and marketing are proven methods of communication, for the average email user, a clogged-up inbox can easily become a source of low productivity.

2. Use auto-reminders and notifications

With a phone full of apps and wearable devices that keep us connected 24/7, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by notifications to the point we ignore them completely.

Streamline reminders to avoid becoming inundated. Perhaps choose the daily or weekly option to avoid being disturbed by another buzz or beep of the phone.

3. Use a Virtual Assistant

Smart technology such as Alexa and Google Home can regularly remind you of how you’re tracking towards your goals whether that’s finding five new clients each month or losing 20 kilos over a year. As long as you divide the goals into bite-size daily and weekly goals spread throughout the year, you’re more likely to succeed. Virtual Assistants can work to keep you on track.  

4. Accountability partners in cyberspace

There’s no denying that a face-to-face accountability partner can keep you on the right track, but real people are busy, so let an accountability partner tool take over. You will be praised and encouraged, as well as reminded to do things like check your blood pressure, finish that eBook or put a marketing plan into action. You can even check in to a virtual support group if you are trying to reach a particular business or personal goal.

5. Free education and recreation resources

As we laze in the warm sun after dipping in the azure ocean, we think of the year ahead and courses we should be doing, podcasts we should be listening to, and books we would like to read.

Once back in the day-to-day grind though, we don’t always have the time to run a business, attend university, go to the library and attend face-to-face events.  MIT OpenCourseWare, and Harvard Online are just two distance learning portals you may want to consider. Apps such as Kindle and Australian Libraries supply access to thousands of books online.  

If you aren’t sure which apps to choose to suit your busy lifestyle, contact Buzz a Geek today for more pointers to help make those New Year’s Resolutions your reality.

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