For Instant IT Support
For Instant IT Support

How remote IT support can build your business

There have been countless articles about the benefits of remote tech support, listing items like cost efficiency and time-saving, but today we delve a little deeper into what remote tech support can do for your business as technology advances. Read on, and find out how remote support can build your business.

Team effort

Information technology has become such a vast field that it is hard for one person to specialise in all areas. Remote IT support companies employ various specialists, and when there are multiple problems, each specialist can give input to clear up issues in a fraction of the time it would take one person working on site.

A greener business

As businesses look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, the technician driving to your premises is not a green option. Instead, a remote IT support company can sort out the problem 24/7 from anywhere in the world.

Network monitoring

The remote access IT support team can carry out network monitoring of hardware and software systems in the background, without you needing to contact them. Remote IT support companies will troubleshoot as they identify issues,  all for a fixed monthly fee for small businesses.

Cloud-based filing

With cloud-based filing systems, remote IT support technicians can access the files needed to keep systems running day and night efficiently. There’s no more of that sickening feeling when a system crashes and you can’t access vital files.

No more scheduling problems

When onsite IT support is requested, the standard reply is that all the technicians are out on call and the wait could be a couple of days. Meanwhile, your employees fret about their deadlines, and you as an owner pay the price for the downtime. In contrast, an online support company will have a team get the systems up and running enabling staff to resume work within hours rather than days.

Working in the background

Whether you run an office, a retail outlet or a restaurant, the onsite technician is there in your space with equipment, inconveniencing customers and staff. In contrast, remote IT support staff work in the background, solving issues, running diagnostic tests, and monitoring systems from anywhere in the world, even when the business is closed.

Attended or unattended remote support

With attended remote support, the technician can take control of the computer while the employee is at the desk and sort out issues in real time. With unattended support, the technician may work on problems after hours and have everything up and running when employees come into the office in the morning. Scheduling upgrades and software updates after hours will avoid inconveniencing staff.

Video chat option

When multiple users run into problems, the video chat option enables the remote technician to sort out various issues simultaneously within one company.

If you want a remote IT support option that will help build your business into the future, contact Buzz-A-Geek today to find out about our remote IT support packages.

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