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Home IT support for remote employees: Five ways to increase efficiencies for the remote worker

Changes to the working environment have been drastic and sudden since early 2020 when working from home became the new normal. 

Paramount to our new working culture are changes in technological support.

Without a dedicated IT department in the same building, it has now become critical to supply mobile home IT support to staff members scattered across the country.

As remote working now becomes an accepted part of our employment culture, all companies can take specific steps to prevent IT problems before they arise avoiding wasted time, frustration, and loss of income.

Here are five steps you can take to give working from home employees a smooth IT experience to increase efficiencies.

  1. Make sure the PC or laptop is fit-for-purpose

While employees might prefer to use their personal laptops when working from home, this might not be suitable if they need specialised programs or apps.

When allocating a PC or laptop, consider the memory requirements for any programs required and whether it’s more beneficial to allocate a laptop pre-loaded with the required software and hardware rather than have to call in home IT support if the laptop or computer doesn’t function as it needs to.

  • Upgrade to a stable internet connection

It’s frustrating to try and plan a work schedule efficiently if employees are working without a stable internet connection.

If an employer wants to provide home IT support, upgrading the remote employee to a business contract with an internet provider will increase productivity for a relatively small outlay. While this might be viewed as an unnecessary expense, productivity will skyrocket due to a stable internet connection.

  • Provide home IT support

Smart employers enlist the services of a company that provides mobile IT support when they’re required.

Often, IT problems can be rectified over the phone, via a video call. If not, a trained specialist will visit the remote worker’s home office to provide assistance and get them up and running. A good home IT support company will have satellite offices in various states to provide remote workers with assistance all over the country.

  • Team collaboration via video technology

Without guidance and connection with a team, employees can lose motivation and become overwhelmed. To foster learning and provide ongoing collaboration, companies need to have home IT support to help employees utilise appropriate video technology solutions that replace physical meetings. Some of these options are:

  • Google Meet
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Skype
  • Slack
  • Zoom

Depending on the type of collaboration required, the home IT support consultant will advise on the most efficient and cost-effective systems including suitable programs and equipment such as speakers and microphones. This level of preparedness will facilitate ongoing connection to make sure all remote workers can participate fully in meetings and training sessions.

  • Appropriate security protocols must be in place

When working with remote employees, it’s necessary to put security protocols in place to ensure that sensitive data is not compromised.

For this to work well, a professional home IT support team can give a review of existing security measures and make recommendations regarding patching and updating software, installing a secure VPN and protecting data.

The remote worker should also be educated on security protocol to protect the business assets.

These five steps may sound like an investment in time and money, but mobile home IT support can help a business run just as efficiently as if all staff were located in the same office.

For assistance in setting up remote employees with the elements needed to maintain and grow your business, contact Buzz A Geek today.

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