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Four types of ransomware and how to avoid them

With the common move to working from home, ransomware has become one of the greatest threats to businesses. Anyone these days is at risk, not just big companies and those without a strong computer background.

Like a typical kidnapper, ransomware takes your computer files hostage and will not release them until you have paid over money to a criminal organisation, usually in cryptocurrency or by credit card, to release your files. 

Ransomware removal services are designed to combat this trend and keep computer users – home and business – safe. The four types of ransomware to be aware of are:

1) Malspam

Malspam is emails from unknown sources encouraging you to click a link, attachment, PDF or word file. The saying ‘curiosity killed the cat’ is particularly appropriate because the spam is engineered to appeal to your curiosity. No matter how interesting, tempting or valuable the content promises to be…don’t open anything from an unknown source!

2) Malvertising

Even more insidious are pop-up adverts with an infected iframe, which is a malicious computer code. Once it appears, even though you might not take any direct action by clicking the link, it might infect your computer regardless. Some websites are maliciously infected without even knowing it and get blacklisted and lose revenue through no fault of their own. This is why it is so important to have an expert check your website for malvertising. Perhaps also consider using an ad-blocker on your computer.

3) Spear phishing

This ransomware fakes an email from a friend or acquaintance on social media telling you of some good fortune and persuading you to click a link. If you know the person well – and ransomware creators often choose someone you interact with frequently to build trust, phone or message the person directly and ask about the email. It’s almost guaranteed the ‘ender’ knows nothing about it.

4) Social engineering

This fake email from a government department, bank or even the police will threaten you in some way. Often the unjust accusations make the user so angry they click on the link to set the record straight. Once this is done, it’s too late, the files will have been taken hostage.

The Ransomware removal experts advise that once ransomware has taken over your computer you should never, ever, give in to the demands for payment. Paying up creates an income for those creating ransomware and the aim is to starve them of their criminal livelihood.

You can attempt to retrieve your encrypted files using a decryptor. The ransomware removal company will show you how to do this. Then you can complete a system restore, which is particularly useful if the ransomware has locked your screen.

Buzz A Geek is a ransomware removal company providing a full range of services to avoid ransomware attacks. The experts will review and assess all systems and processes, provide a full back up service for data and files, and install security software to prevent attacks. Under the guidance of experts, you’ll learn how to spot suspicious emails and avoid malicious pop-ups.

Give Buzz A Geek, your ransomware remover a call today to protected or remove ransomware from a PC or Mac.

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