For Instant IT Support
For Instant IT Support

Five reasons to choose external IT support for your business

IT support is evolving. Where an experienced IT professional was once an essential part of any growing company, today, IT services are often provided by an external team to save time and increase efficiencies within any working environment.

Whether you’re working from home or in an office, keep reading as we share five reasons to choose an external company for IT support for your business.

1)Your problem is a priority

With external IT support, problems can be addressed sooner rather than later. As an external customer, your IT problem is the priority of the support provider. In an environment where the IT team is in-house, every staff member and every problem is a priority regardless of the level of urgency. Having dedicated external IT support allows business leaders to spend their time focussing on the production of services or products, marketing and making sure orders are rolled out on time to keep customers returning and the business growing.

2) Professional service

The staff members employed by an external IT company are specially trained not just to deal with the tech issues, but with handling people who are losing their patience. Their calm and knowledge will reassure staff members and allow them to think clearly instead of going into panic mode. We all know that when clear thinking stops, it’s very hard to solve a problem quickly and efficiently.

3) Just one phone call away

Any member of staff experiencing IT problems can simply call for external IT support and have someone tend to their issues.

Issues can range from forgotten passwords, internet connection problems, connecting to the network, recovering lost files and performing functions connected with the specific software the company uses. There is no IT problem too big or too small for external IT support with fast resolutions a priority.

4) Cybersecurity

A professional company dealing with IT security regularly will be aware of the most up-to-date cyber threats, ransomware, malware and provide suitable advice on safe operation as well as implement advanced security measures.

5) Saves money

Keeping a business running smoothly, especially in the IT department, can significantly affect the profit margin. With an external IT company handling technical issues, you can be assured that they have access to specialist staff to resolve problems remotely resulting in far less downtime for employees and their superiors. The cost savings of managed IT are considerable because you only pay for what you use. With an ongoing business management package tailored uniquely to the needs of your business, you can budget in advance without spending on services you don’t need.

Your external IT support company will provide assistance on all IT problems from setting up VPN software to connecting remotely to the network, and everything in between. Give Buzz A Geek a call today for a quote on external IT support for business and let IT headaches be a thing of the past.

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