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Five reasons to choose Microsoft 365 for your home office operating system

Microsoft 365 is an operating system designed to help Windows users improve home and business performance by providing access to a range of innovative programs, apps and cloud-based services. 

Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook are just a few in a long line of programs that increase efficiencies for those running a business from home. 

If you’re trying to choose between Microsoft 365 and any other operating system, here are the five best reasons to join over 200 million active monthly users and consider Microsoft 365.

1) Centralised collaboration and cloud storage

Millions of users have found it more than achievable to work from home since the global pandemic hit in 2020.  It now makes sense to use an operating system that’s compatible with remote working.

The Microsoft 365 subscription provides online storage to allow users to access cloud-connected features and collaborate across files in real-time. 

Access, OneNote, Outlook and Publisher are all part of the suite which allows a remote team to work on the same project at the same time. 

2) Remote support from IT services 

Rather than a one-off purchase, Microsoft 365 is based on a subscription model. Technology is evolving at a great speed, the operating system provides regular updates and upgrades that ensure systems are running at their best.  This ongoing payment model allows for a seamless, integrated service with the latest security features, updates and fixes as a priority. 

3) Cost-effective subscriptions

The Microsoft 365 subscription can be paid for monthly or annually. A Microsoft 365 Family Plan can be shared with up to six family members and the apps can be used on multiple devices.  For those working solo, a more cost-effective personal account is an option too. 

4) Intuitive systems

The Microsoft 365 account does not limit you to Mac or PC exclusively. Although the apps are specifically designed to suit either PC or Mac, you can transition across devices, with OfficeDelve.  You can search and manage information stored in OneDrive, with artificial intelligence helping to filter people and content to provide the most relevant information. 

Although it’s possible to work offline on Word, Excel and PowerPoint, it’s recommended to connect to the internet regularly to receive the automatic upgrades and to avoid apps losing functionality.  

5) Project management made easy through improved communication

When working on sensitive material, Yammer is a social networking service that allows for collaboration between team members. You can instant message, share sketches, documents and photos, and create work interest and project groups. Set up an automated document approval process on SharePoint, and use ProjectSite to assign responsibilities to individuals, then let the project management app manage the documentation flow while you concentrate on other important tasks.

Microsoft 365 is the most efficient home office system to streamline processes with the potential to scale up operations in line with the needs of a business. 

To find out more about installing Microsoft 365 to increase efficiencies in the home office. Buzz A Geek understands small businesses and tight budgets. So for a limited time only, we have introduced a fixed-price Office 365 migration for businesses who have 10 users or less.

Migrate to Office 365

For Small Business
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We love to help new businesses get online so we are offering a 10% discount on licenses (for the first 3 months) and a fixed-cost migration fee of $149.99 (Ex GST) for businesses who have 10 mailboxes or less. Payable annually.

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