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Five of the most common small business computer repair issues.

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When running a small business, computers and IT equipment must function optimally to allow you to work efficiently and make a living.

While small business owners don’t always have an IT department at their disposal, whether you work in an office or at home, mobile specialised IT support is available to prevent, diagnose and repair IT problems as and when they occur.

Here are five of the most common small business repair issues mobile IT services can help you solve.

Viruses, malware and spyware

One of the most common small business computer problems is outdated, unsuitable or non-existent cybersecurity systems.

While you might think this is an unnecessary expense due to the size of the business, the cost is negligible compared to the damage viruses, malware, and spyware can cause.

Avoid downtime or inconvenience caused by inadequate cybersecurity processes by engaging with an IT specialist who will perform regular checks and make recommendations.

Preventative maintenance is far cheaper than rectifying security issues once it’s too late.

Slow computer or laptop

A computer usually slows down gradually until the speed becomes an efficiency issue. Once you contact the small business computer repair person, the speed can be increased quickly and easily. There are many ways to speed up a slow computer including cleaning up the files, installing more RAM and removing viruses.

Unable to install or integrate software

Purchasing new software that promises to increase efficiency isn’t always as simple as it sounds. If the software isn’t compatible with existing equipment and programs or isn’t straightforward to install, you can waste more time trying to get it to work than it will save you in the long run.  

Instead of wasting time trying to repair or install the software yourself, call a small business computer repair specialist with experience in a broad range of software programs. The experts will install and launch the software quickly, leaving you to focus on running the business.

Retrieving lost or missing data

Data is one of a small business’s most significant assets. Losing or misplacing any form of data can seriously impact operations in both the short and long term, potentially permanently. A small business computer IT specialist can recover missing files, implement backup systems and secure all data.

Slow internet

Internet that lags as you’re trying to download or upload files and web pages can cause serious disruption to operations. If the internet provider hasn’t made any changes to your connection, the laptop, computer, browser, or modem might be to blame. 

If the internet speed has slowed down making programs harder to use, a mobile IT specialist can diagnose the cause of the slower speed and provide solutions. Of course, that’s only after you’ve switched the modem off and turned it back on again! 

Buzz A Geek is a small business computer repair specialist providing a wide range of IT solutions for small businesses. More than just these most common IT problems, we also provide solutions for IT infrastructure, cybersecurity management, scaling up networks as the business grows, customised software, and much more. Whatever your small business computer problem, contact Buzz A Geek today for a personalised quote.

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