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Five IT trends to look out for in 2022

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If there’s one thing we can be sure of, it’s that technology never stops evolving.

And, in the interests of personal and professional development, you must keep up the pace and evolve with it.

You might think you currently have all the technical equipment, apps and concepts that you need. But, as we head into the New Year, there has never been a better time to make sure you’re across the upcoming IT trends for 2022.

IT Trend #1: Remote working to become standard

With people forced into remote working situations in 2020, employees have adjusted and many indicate they now prefer working from home, citing a better work-life balance among other factors.

Employers now note fewer absences and sick days, but team collaboration is still essential for productivity. A mix of remote and office-based working is where many businesses will be heading in 2022.

IT Trend #2: Cybersecurity and compliance to become even more of a priority

Cloud-based projects need essential protection from malicious attacks. As global governments start mandating new privacy and security laws, businesses rush to remain compliant and protect assets from cybersecurity threats. The cybersecurity mesh architecture (CSMA) recognises that data is everywhere on the web and will work to keep data secure from cyber-attacks.

IT Trend #3: The rise of 5G technology

In 2022, we’ll see a reduction in the carbon footprint of businesses that embrace the 5G and IoT revolution. The improved speeds of the 5G mobile communication network are revolutionary. The Internet of Things (meaning physical items connected to the internet, like self-driving cars), will be much more efficient driven by 5G tech.

Smart buildings will benefit from these changes with automated door locks, smoke detectors, heating and cooling infrastructure all connected via IoT. Ordering and stocking will be faster, as will processing of sales.

IT Trend #4: More reliance on data fabric design

This design concept is what many businesses have been waiting for. Instead of holding data in separate applications, in 2022, information will be more integrated so that data can be extracted from the sum of the data to give new insights across an enterprise and various applications. This integration gives better insight and enables business owners to identify opportunities and risks and make better-informed decisions.

IT Trend #5 Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAN) to rise in popularity

Businesses will rely more on machine learning to allow AI to create new products and make more accurate marketing decisions based on the data available. This frees people to be more creative instead of spending hours number crunching before making decisions.

With trends in IT evolving, we can be sure that 2022 will be another significant year in IT. If you have any questions on implementing some of the new trends or simply want to discuss how to use IT to make your business run more efficiently, contact Buzz A Geek today.

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