For Instant IT Support
For Instant IT Support

Computer Repair Near Me

PCs, Macs, Laptops and Servers, and more...

Here are just some of the I.T. services we perform in your area.

Repair all types of PCs and Laptops

Install & Extend your WiFi Network

Assist with new technology

Setup TV streaming services

Buzz A Geek: Your only choice for the phrase 'Computer Repairs Near Me?'

It’s a daily question we get to hear at Buzz A Geek. We get asked ‘Do you do computer repairs in my area?’ and the answer always is an unequivocal ‘Yes! Of Course, We Do!’

We love helping our clients resolve their technology problems. We understand that getting your computer fixed is stressful but we aim to make the experience as stress-free as possible.

Since 2010 we’ve hand-picked over 300 qualified technicians across Australia. We have the expertise and experience to tackle any Home or Office I.T. issue you might have.

From PC repairs to WiFi troubleshooting, getting an office server booted, migrating your business to Office 365, or even setting up a new NBN connection, our coverage of your area is second to none!

So whether you’re local to Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, the Sunshine Coast, or Perth, we have a Computer Repair professional near you! Call us today on 1300 738 570 or fill out our enquiry form below so that we can give you a call to discuss how we can help you.

Call Today!

3 good reasons to choose us as your local Geek


We come to you!

No more frustrating support calls, or being put on hold or worse yet being transferred to another department.

We actually come out to you. Our Geek resolves your technology problem the old fashion way; In person!


No Techno-Babble

With certainty we can say that our technician have personality. They listen and understand, don’t jump to conclusions, and speak your language.


No Travel Fees, Same-Day Service charge, or Call Out Costs.

Getting anything repaired now-a-days costs an arm and a leg. We understand that so we try to get the costs down as low as possible. We don’t charge extras and nothing is hidden from you. It’s just a flat affordable rate. Simple!

Not just Computer Repairs.
We provide other services too.

Troubleshoot Home WiFi problems

Setup your website domain and configure email

Setup new WiFi routers or extend them

Personal data recovery and hard drive repairs

Install game consoles correctly


  • Repairs to PCs, Servers, Laptops, Point of Sale (POS) systems, Macs and All-In-Ones
  • Setup new home computers
  • Fix and repair failed hardware
  • Speed up slow computers
  • Install and configure software
  • Remove viruses and malware
  • Upgrade PCs to hold larger storage capacities.
  • Supply brand-new computers if your PC is deemed not worth repairing.

TV and Audio Devices

  • Install and manage secure Wired and WiFi computer networks.
  • Provide cost-effective SUPER FAST internet connections such as fibre, wireless ethernet, with fall over to 4G.
  • Insure that your network has a high level of uptime keeping your business running smoothly.
  • Install NAS servers for all your home movies and confidential work files.
  • Setup a high-available website domain and email.

Internet and Home/Office WiFi

  • Install and manage fast Wired and WiFi computer networks.
  • Eliminate WiFi dead spots.
  • Troubleshoot slow connections and Internet drop outs.
  • Organise and setup SUPER FAST fibre internet connections​
  • Setup cost-effective Internet Telephony (VOIP) systems
  • Configure Home/Office VPN connections
  • Migrate your business to Office 365

Phones, Tablets and Devices

  • Provide proactive IT support for your IT infrastructure.
  • 24/7 monitoring of all critical devices.
  • All issues whether automatic or raised manually are lodged with our ticketing system.
  • Most items resolved within 2 hours of being lodged.
  • Updates to workstations, servers and network devices performed periodically.
  • Management and audit of software licencing.


  • Setup gaming consoles and improve their connection to the Internet
  • Upgrade gaming PCs or Laptops


  • Supply, install and provide just-in management of your onsite printers.
  • Troubleshooting and printer repairs
  • Provide just-in-time replacements to toners, drums and other printer components.

Data Recovery & Backups

  • Implement cloud-based or local backup solutions
  • Hard drive repairs
  • Recover lost or missing personal data like Documents or Photos.
  • Fixing non-bootable drives and reinstalling their operating systems.
  • Transfer your data to a new PC or mobile device.

Your Private Life & Security

  • Protect your devices with multi layer security
  • Review your Social Media accounts for potential privacy threats
  • Scan your PC, Mac or Laptop for Spyware, Malware, and other unwanted software
  • Protect your children from explicit online content

How do we work?


Oh no! You realise there is something wrong with your PC, Laptop, Mac, POS or Server.

At this point you need one of our Geeks.


Use your phone to ring us on 1300 738 570


Why not fill out the form below and we’ll call you back!


We ask a few questions to better understand the problem you’re having. We try to get to the bottom of why your PC isn’t working correctly and provide as much information to our technician before-hand.

Send help

We then dispatch the best local computer repair technician we have to your Home or Office.

Our technician will perform a quick evaluation on-site  etc, and come up with an A-Team-esque plan!



We save the day!

Your local geek gets your PC back to full health and performs a full diagnostic to make sure that your PC will run smoothly going forward.

We accept DEBIT or CREDIT Cards.

Common questions we get about 'Computer Repairs Near Me'


I’m not that close to a city, how are you able to help me?

Since 2010 we have built a network of qualified technicians and over time now cover most of Australia. Providing an excellent service when you need it most.


Would you need to take my PC away?

We avoid this. Our technicians will carry enough spare parts to fix most computer problems. However we would only take it away if we felt the job would become time-consuming. Protecting the client’s back pocket.


Do you have a minimum charge?

Yes. We charge for the first full hour for one of our technicians to be onsite. However we break down any further time into 15 minute increments. Keeping the cost down super-low.

No Call Out Fees, no Travel Fees, and no Same-Day Charges!


Where is your shop located?

We don’t have a shop. All our computer geeks are mobile.



Will You Save My Files?

Of course. If we’re able to gain access to your storage devices then we will most likely retain your personal data. However we do offer a more robust data recovery service if you find yourself in a tight spot.


Finding a good computer technician who you can trust is like Hen’s teeth. Fortunately you’ve come to the right place. We proud ourselves on providing the best possible outcome to all your computer problems you might have.

Since 2010 we have been building a network of high-skilled I.T. engineers or ‘Geeks’ as we like to call them, providing computer repairs and other services in your area.

No BS just good service.

Call for a local Computer Repair expert Near You!


Have our Geeks banish all your computer problems to 'File 13'...

Getting on the road to having your PC repaired is as easy as submitting the form below. Once done we’ll get in touch with you and pair you up with our best local computer technician in you area.

Did we mention we offer a same-day IT service?

While you wait for us to call you back why not read more about what is meant by File 13; it’s a 1940’s catchphrase used by the US military to describe the humble Trash Can. Read more here.

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