For Instant IT Support
For Instant IT Support


about which computer service to use??

Fast, Affordable and Available

Our Australia-wide Computer Geeks come to your Rescue

Whether it be your computer or your Internet at home our Computer Geeks are extraordinarily dedicated and professional in dealing with all types of computer related problems. Although based in Queensland, we have over 350 technicians dotted all across Australia.

We’re able to get an I.T. Super Hero to your Home or Office every day of the week the same day.

So why a Computer Geek and not a Computer Nerd?

Please don’t make the mistake that our Geeks are the same as socially awkward Nerds. Our technicians are proficient, friendly and engaging, they’ll answer all your questions, give clear explanations of what needs to be done, and they never bamboozle you with difficult to understand tech jargon. They speak your language.

Same-day service doesn’t come at an extra cost.

Sadly our modern day Super Heroes don’t save your day for free but are at least affordable. With none of those extra fees unlike what our competitor’s charge. And if you’re part of the ‘retired’ generation then don’t forget to ask our staff at the call centre to sweeten the deal. We get the job done right the first time.

All the more reason why you should choose our mobile Computer Geeks over anybody else.

Before we forget you too have a Superpower! If you feel for some reason that we haven’t provided the level of service, and not rectifying our mistake, you can invoke your very own “30-day money back guarantee” superpower….*KAPOW!*

So what Powers do our Super Geeks possess?

Our Geeks specialise in all types of repairs to PCs, Macs, Laptops and Servers. They can perform setups and extend of your home WiFi or office wired network. Configure your Smart TV with Netflix or Stan allowing you to binge streaming TV all night long. Not forgetting that we set up or transfer data to your new PC.

Why not speak to us if you’re looking to purchase one for your new business.

For anything else, it might be best to give our Wonder Men and Women at Geek Central a ring to find out more about the other awesome services our technicians perform.

We fix SLOW computers

It might be a recent update, misconfigured software, faulty hardware, a dodgy NBN internet connection, or just a WiFi blackspot. Our onsite geeks help speed these things up.armful software from your system.

All of our 350 technicians are able to fix and repair all types of computers.

Whether it be a laptop, desktop, a Mac, or a server, we have what it takes to get your device back up and running as quickly as possible.

Lost data?

Another one of our Geek Superpowers is the ability to recover lost and missing files and family photographs. We’ll even help configure a backup solution so that you don’t get caught out a second time.

In the market for a PC?

Looking for a new PC or have already bought a one? Our Computer Geeks in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Sydney, can help source you a new one, set it up, and transfer all your applications, personal files, and photographs.

We protect you

Perhaps your PC isn’t working too well and you suspect a virus? This pesky infestation can be super-difficult to remove. That’s why you need a Computer Geek to rid your PC effectively of any viruses, spyware, and malware. We’re the expert in home-office based security, ensuring firewalls are configured correctly and that your security software is up to date.

Modern office IT services

We provide IT related services to small business. Whether you’re starting up or whether you’ve been around a little while, we can help you get the most out of modern-day IT technology. Our technical Geeks setup and maintain networks, telephone systems, servers, and the necessary software to make your business efficient and cost-effective. Talk to us today about Office 365 and other cloud-based solutions.

Provide support and repairs to all types of devices

Tablets and Mobile Phones

Windows-based PCs


Wired and WiFi networks

Smart TVs and other devices

How do we work?


Oh no! You realise there is something wrong with your PC, Laptop, Mac, POS or Server.

At this point you need one of our Geeks.


Simply fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page.


(Give us a ring or request a call back)


We will ring you back to discuss your problem and see where we can help you.

Send help

With over 350 computer geeks across the country, we’ll dispatch one right to your door step!

Save the day!

Our geeks will fix your computer or technical issue, laptop or server and put a smile back on your dial!


We have Computer Geeks in Melbourne and all other major CBD’s across Australia.

Our onsite Computer Geeks perform a wide range of IT related services for customers at their home or place of business.

Our technicians enjoy diving straight into fixing Windows based-PCs and Apple Macs, provide support for Tablets and Mobile devices, ensure non-stop streaming of Stan or Netflix or even Amazon on your Smart TV, setup your new NBN Office network, getting your NBN phone working or just make sure that your WiFi network is working as quickly as it should.

Common Customer Questions


Do you sell new PCs and set them up?

Of course we do! Talk to us about quoting you on something specific for your needs.

Desktops, Laptops, Servers… we do it all…


Do you service and repair Apple Macs?

The quick answer is ‘Yes‘, we provide a range of services for Macs, but we only perform hardware repairs to out-of-warranty devices.


Can you provide I.T. support for my business and it’s growth?

With some large clients already under our belt we can easily scale, providing support for businesses that are BIG and *small*


Where is your shop located?

We don’t have a shop. All our computer geeks are mobile.



Can you fix a cracked laptop LCD screen?

Of course we can. Although we don’t keep spare parts for all types of screen. In some cases we need a little time to source a replacement.


Need a geek? We're here to help!

Our I.T. Super Heroes are on standby ready to solve all your I.T. and computer issues. Getting in touch with us is easy! Activate the geek signal by completing this form and we’ll be there in a flash to save you!

No call out fees. Competitive rates.

Our service is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the service we have provided then we’ll happily provide you with a full refund. (terms and conditions apply)

Gift an IT Support Hero!

How often do you get calls from your desperate friends and loved ones looking for IT help?

With these holidays, why not gift your loved ones a card that gives them computer support on demand? Reducing your anxiety and allowing you to relax easier in 2023.

Click ‘Shop Gift Cards‘ to see our range.

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For Instant IT Support
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