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Can an A.I. vetting process help you reduce the risk of bad hires?

Hiring is hard! You know the drill – advertise, screen, call, interview, offer, and closure (if you are lucky). After spending a lot of time and energy, the results are often not fruitful. 

Now, imagine having AI technology in your hiring process to improve the end result by helping you hire the right candidate and reduce the risk of a BAD HIRE.

Artificial Intelligence in Hiring: The Future Ahead

Artificial Intelligence has taken the hiring process by storm, and for good reasons. The revenues from AI is expected to reach a whopping $59.8 billion by 2025, paving the way to automate the hiring process, save time & money, and most importantly, make good hiring decisions. 

With AI, companies will be able to hire smarter and faster. The ease of automating arduous manual tasks is the key factor that will drive the future of AI in the hiring process. AI not only helps streamline the entire process to be efficient but also reduces bias. 

Artificial Intelligence brings in technologically-advanced capabilities of in-depth background check and character assessment.  The results improved workforce due to quality hiring decisions! 

Case in point?

Presenting to you “Stephanie” – World’s First Artificial Intelligence Vetting Officer!

Stephanie, world’s first AI vetting officer built by Cleard life – a group of industry veterans with more than 30 years of experience in human resource vetting for government agencies, – uses methods and standards that are applied in official national security clearances (more than 350,000 Australian Public Servants and Government contractor clearance holders have gone through the official process). 

Stephanie helps companies make hiring decisions. You can be a small family-owned business, an educational institute, a fast-growing company, non-profit organisation or a government department with high-security needs, handle sensitive information, or dealing with vulnerable or ‘at risk’ members of the society – now transform the way you perform your pre-employment practices.

Who is Stephanie?

Stephanie, a human-looking Avatar powered by artificial intelligence, uses natural language processing, sentiment analysis and deep learning to interview, probe, analyse and recommend a person for a trusted position in private, public and non-profit sectors.

She comes as a 3D Avatar and has been trained by expert official Australian vetting officers and intelligence officers who have also worked with the Australian Government Security Vetting Agency (AGSVA) and other Intelligence Agencies.

How Stephanie Works?

Stephanie performs a strict background screening interview of your shortlisted candidates, identifies their past workplace behaviour, and provides you with a character assessment report – unbiased and unemotional that would help you make informed and quality hiring decisions.  

The Candidate is asked about their background, relationships, travel, work and other more serious issues such as illegal conduct and drug use. Stephanie can detect lies and deception, so when the discussion turns to workplace allegations or violations, for example, Stephanie can quickly gauge whether the information obtained from sources – including the Candidate – are genuine, relevant and significant. Stephanie then uses the evidence to formulate the suitability assessment result.

The first AI service being offered is called “The Basic Assessment”, which might well be an understatement as it covers the last 5 years of a person’s life and is very comprehensive compared to most non-government solutions. The Candidate can speak to Stephanie on-demand, 24/7/365 and she usually produces her Result within seconds after the interview is complete. However, each Assessment is then checked by a “real life human” vetting officer for accuracy and completeness (and AI training purposes), so the Result is usually ready the next business day.

Advantages of AI Powered Vetting 

So, what makes the Stephanie best bet for your organisation’s hiring practices? 

  • In-depth Background Screening: Unparalleled, unambiguous, and unbiased background screening is her forte. Powered by Artificial Intelligence, you can now process more background check interviews and character assessments than what your hiring manager able to do alone. 
  • Time Efficient: Speed up your pre-employment process with Artificial Intelligence vetting officer. From character assessment to background screening, she performs a comprehensive assessment instantaneously. 
  • Proven Industry specific metrics: Stephanie offers a highly scalable and standardised character metric to improve and augment the shortlisting process for the public sector, private, and not-for-profit sectors.   
  • Quick and Comprehensive Reports: Get character assessment results – Favourable, Caution, and Adverse – the very next day. It is better and effective than human evaluation; no bias, no emotions, and extremely precise. 
  • Lie detection through Speech Recognition: The leading-edge AI tool is powered by AI speech recognition that can instantly identify whether someone is lying or not. 
  • Smarter & Better: Stephanie acclaims to be even better than National Police Check. They perform background screening based on only one element, whereas she probes the candidate on all aspects and with the right questions. 

Call for Action

Bid adieu to spend time and money in the hiring process and worrying about the outcome. Identify the aspects of a bad hire or counter-productive workplace behaviour before it becomes detrimental to your organisation.

Implement #1 AI vetting tool to save money, time and disruptions, while improving your organisation’s safety & security standards. 

Consider how Stephanie – your personal AI vetting officer – might give you a competitive edge in your hiring decisions. To register for “Beta Testing”, click here.

We at Buzz A Geek have had a long-term IT relationship with for quite some time now. We have provided computer repairs, services, and network support  to their employees and are looking forward to seeing where they take their new vetting market disrupting software. Good luck!

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