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For Instant IT Support

Business IT support: How mobile IT solutions can help your business grow

IT Support for Business

Regardless of the size of the business, a fully staffed IT department can often come at an unnecessary cost. 

Employing a team can mean you’re paying for expertise you might not always need. Permanent staffing arrangements can also mean that when all IT systems are running smoothly, the salary for IT personnel could be better spent elsewhere. 

While that might be true, there’s no denying that for an organisation to run efficiently, business IT support in some capacity is essential.  

There will always be networks to upgrade. 

Infrastructure will always need to be re-designed as a business grows. 

And software and hardware are – much as we like to hope otherwise – always going to malfunction. 

Unfortunately, while you can be prepared, you can’t always predict when urgent repairs will be required or what the outcome of these will be. 

Buzz A Geek provides business IT support that saves businesses money while providing a superior IT service. Whether the business is a sole trader of one, a company with remote staff, or a new business just getting started, we provide a partnership solution that doesn’t cost an extra cent more than your specific needs.

Here are six reasons to consider business IT support from Buzz A Geek: 

1) Create a realistic budget for the future

Whether you choose an ongoing partnership or you utilise business IT support as and when you need it, Buzz A Geek’s business IT support services are flexible and designed to meet your budget.  

The monthly partnership option means there are no additional call-out fees and we prioritise your service. Whether you work from home or an office, a monthly partnership helps you plan your expenses so you can be confident your IT needs are consistently met with no unexpected invoices.   

2) Less downtime

When IT systems fail, it can often lead to unnecessary downtime for a business. Not only must you make multiple phone calls trying to find someone to get to you promptly, but the technician must also get up to speed on your systems and equipment. Buzz A Geek’s business IT support means you don’t have to go over old ground. Our technicians are familiar with your systems and prioritise your call. We will be there to solve the problem in less time to get your business back online faster. 

3) Reliable, expert service

All our technicians are carefully vetted to make sure they have the very best qualifications and experience. While you might pay a top-level salary for the same high-quality expertise, if you don’t have either the need or the budget for a dedicated IT department, we can offer you the same standards in service as and when you need it. 

4) Broad range of services provided

While many business IT support services specialise in specific IT solutions, our diverse range of services can meet ALL your IT needs. 

From hardware and software malfunctions, cybersecurity and disaster recovery to continuity planning, our services meet every single need. 

5) Better planning for the future 

Running a business effectively means you must follow protocol for planned upgrades and scheduled maintenance. We can diarise all your scheduled maintenance and upgrades and make sure this is carried out on time to keep systems running seamlessly. 

6) Door to door service included 

When you choose Buzz A Geek for business IT support, you don’t need to pack up bulky equipment and cables and deliver hardware to us, we come to you! We’ll diagnose the problem and if the equipment does need to be repaired off-site, we provide a secure drop-off and return service. 

More than just a contractor, Buzz A Geek is an extension of your business.  

As a managed service provider, our employees and contractors are dedicated to your business and there when you need them on time and within budget. 

Call today to find out more about our pricing options and to find out how we can help your business grow.

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