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For Instant IT Support

Business IT support: Essential technology to make working from home more efficient

As 2020 has shown us, anyone in the world can work from home.

Whether you’re a sole trader with a staff of one or a global company with hundreds on the payroll, the global pandemic has not stopped businesses of all sizes meeting targets and getting the job done.

In fact, as lockdown is coming to an end for many, many companies are now preferring the freedom that working remotely provides. Traditional offices are closing in favour of hot desks, flexibility, and the cost-efficiency of working from home.

Regardless of the company structure, working from home is now a viable option for most people, as long as the following essential technology is available.

Stable internet connection

It goes without saying that a stable internet connection is required to work seamlessly from home. It’s worth noting that home internet solutions are generally targeted towards pleasure rather than business (although we’re witnessing this changing as more are using home internet for work) so depending on the nature of the business, home internet might not always be suitable.

You’ll need to choose internet with fast upload and download times. We recommend a minimum speed of approximately 25 Mbps. The more devices that are connected, the faster you’d want that speed.
We also recommend an unlimited plan to make sure you’re prepared for all eventualities without being penalised by overuse charges or slower speeds.

Video call capability

By the end of February 2020, Zoom had added more users to its member base than in the whole of 2019 with that number growing exponentially as the year has progressed.

Video calling has proven beyond doubt that anyone can now get involved in any meeting anywhere in the world saving company budget and travel expenses in the process. With many video calling platforms completely free for users (usually with restrictions for free subscriptions), access to video technology is essential to ensure efficiencies across a remote working environment.

Cloud-based collaboration tools

Cloud-based collaboration tools are an essential technology for anyone considering working remotely. These tools, of which many are available, give complete visibility to all users of what everyone is working on, project updates and anything that’s coming up in the future.

Cloud-based solutions can be accessed by anyone from anywhere in the world making them the most efficient platforms to keep all staff on track when working towards common organisational goals.

Cloud-based security

The increase in staff working remotely has left many companies without adequate security systems in place and therefore vulnerable to cyber-attacks. There are many cloud-based security options available to suit the individual company needs and budget.

Buzz A Geek is the mobile expert in setting up appropriate security and removing virus, spyware and any other harmful software from the systems.

Contact us today to discuss your situation so that we can provide a personalised solution ideally suited to your needs.

Suitable data backup systems

An appropriate backup system is essential when working remotely. The risk to data and systems can increase when working on independent networks that aren’t covered by the company backup system.

It’s essential to choose data backup that is safe and secure. In the event of any data loss, Buzz A Geek uses the latest technology to quickly recover data that has been accidentally lost, corrupted, deleted or incorrectly formatted. To discuss the most appropriate data solution for your systems, contact us here.

Mobile business IT support

Whether you’re a solo team of one or you’re working remotely away from your usual business IT support, engaging with mobile business IT support is invaluable while working from home.

Buzz A Geek provides a mobile IT service across Australia. We will answer your queries and diagnose and repair any IT problems with minimal downtime.

To find out more about how Buzz A Geek can provide business IT support when working from home, contact us today.

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