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For Instant IT Support

Build your business: The benefits of outsourced IT support 

Whether your business operates as a sole trader of one, is a growing start-up or is a well-established entity, IT outsourcing services are the key to help any organisation grow.

Why outsource IT support? 

Some businesses are reluctant to outsource IT support as they feel it is more convenient to have someone on-site. It is a common consensus that in-house IT support staff know the systems and can keep things well-maintained.

However, IT evolves so fast that unless the IT person has a finger on the pulse of the latest developments, there is a risk that the company could get left behind. There is also the cost involved of the salary to consider. Do you really need an IT person eight hours a day?

Although someone not so well qualified could do the job, will that person be able to manage support and backup services, cloud storage, troubleshoot WiFi problems, run antivirus and patch management, maintain PCs and servers, cybersecurity and data networks, all with equal efficiency? 

The answer to these problems lies in using a leading IT outsourcing company to manage IT support.

What are the benefits and risks of outsourcing IT services?

Let’s examine the benefits first.

You can access a team of professionals by using IT outsourcing services. IT has become such a vast territory that IT outsourcing companies have specialists in various fields.

Instead of a multi-tasker, you can access the top performers in various aspects of IT.

Outsourcing ensures you have access to trained, qualified and experienced professionals. They can identify inefficiencies in the IT infrastructures of a business to provide a solution based on up-to-date technology. There is rarely a problem these professionals haven’t dealt with before, so they will be able to take action to rectify issues and have your systems up and running within a short period.

Cybersecurity has become highly specialised. Outsourcing companies have the latest hardware and software packages to maintain 24/7 monitoring, protection and testing.

As businesses are required by law to keep sensitive information safe, the multiple layers of security assure peace of mind for customers and help build better business relationships.

Outsourced IT support frees your management team to work on core business rather than having to spend time making numerous IT decisions. IT outsourcing companies know the business risk and will provide the assistance needed to ensure financial and legal compliance. 

The IT outsourcing company will happily provide advice if you are considering upgrading hardware or software. After all, they are the ones that will be looking after the system and will suggest reliable products. The IT outsourcing company will do background security checks and maintain systems without interrupting daily workflow. 

The risks in outsourcing IT services are minimal, provided you choose a company with a good reputation.

Try to avoid engaging a company that is just entering the market or has weak management. Check whether staff are fully experienced, as experience often trumps qualifications. Outsourcing staff should receive ongoing training as technology evolves.

Make sure there are no hidden costs in the fine print – your outsourcing company should be upfront about fees.

How much does it cost to outsource IT support?

You’ll be surprised at the affordable options available to small and medium businesses. Compared to having a full-time person on site, outsourced support is there when you need it, and you only pay for the time used.

How to outsource IT services

Make a list of what you expect the outsourcing company to handle. Then check how much time and money is currently spent on IT troubleshooting. Check the customer reviews and credibility of the outsourcing companies you are thinking of dealing with, then compare the plans offered – the cheapest may not always be the best. However, well-established companies who work super efficiently may be able to provide you with the best-priced package. 

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