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How to protect yourself from power surges this storm season

Living in Australia means we get record hours of sunshine every year compared to the northern hemisphere. But we also get some spectacular storms, and

windowss 7 end of life

Windows 7 End of Life Support: When will windows 7 support end? Can you believe Windows 7 is almost tens years old!? When it was

mechanical keyboard keycaps

We’ve pulled together this list of 20 of the Best Geek Hacks (or shortcuts) that we use every day to help us quickly get around


When accessing public WiFi when you’re out and about, it’s important your data is protected. And with a new generation of freelancers and digital nomads

typing on a laptop

Table of Contents Transferring from one laptop to another It’s exciting upgrading your beat-up, war-horse old laptop to a shiny new lightning-fast model. And you’ll

code on screen

Buzz-A-Buzz has been busy working behind the scenes to bring you our new and improved refreshed website. We’ve listened to your feedback to make sure

Water very close to laptop

You can’t believe it, your prized laptop has just been water damaged. You knew that glass of water was sitting too close to your laptop

Look around your home and check how many WiFi-enabled devices you have. Perhaps there are one or two PCs, a laptop, tablets, and your smartphones.

Disney Stream Services

The already overcrowded field of subscription streaming services is about to become even more competitive. Disney Plus, more commonly styled as Disney+, will be launching

Android 10 – What to expect on your Android phone in the coming months On September 3, the public version of Android 10 launched, immediately

One of the high priority items for any business is the ability for the company to be able to communicate with its clients and its

Are you frustrated with your WiFi performance? Everybody hates their WiFi network in some way. There is nothing worse than NetFlix stuttering through the latest

Not another Console? As of today Google have unveiled their strategy for dominating the online gaming market. And why wouldn’t they? As of 2018 the

A prominent security engineer has warned that users of Google Chrome need to update their favorite web browser immediately. Justin Schuh explains that the internet

Did you know you risk losing your phone and internet connection if you don’t switch to NBN by the due date? The National Broadband Network (NBN) rollout

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