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Why does my home internet keep disconnecting?

Internet troubleshooting takes up a large portion of an IT specialist’s day as call after call comes in asking for help.

Usually, they are from very frustrated people working remotely, who need to finish a report, budget or project, or can’t miss an online meeting.

While tech developments have provided us with new options for getting online, some of these have flaws despite their advanced nature.

Your home internet could be dropping for several reasons, which we will discuss in the following article. Before we even start on common answers to the heartfelt cry of, “How do I fix my internet from randomly disconnecting?” take a quick look at your router and modem – they may be outdated. If not, one of the following might be the reason:


Internet troubleshooting can be as simple as plugging in a loose cable properly or replacing a faulty cable. Frequent use can cause cables to separate near the connection point, so keep an eye out for this. There could be internal damage within the connectors or the wires, causing the now-you-see-me-now-you-don’t scenario that we all love to hate.

Replace old cables if you suspect they are causing you to shout, “why does my internet disconnect randomly?”. It could be an ethernet, coaxial or phone cable causing the problem. If you would rather not spend money on cables, call the IT specialists to do a quick test. They will soon fix the poor internet connection if cabling is the culprit.


Where we put our routers and modems in relation to other items like smart TVs and Bluetooth devices that use radio waves can cause radio interference. The signal can be blocked when the router is placed in a cupboard under the stairs or in a building with thick concrete walls.

Try moving the placement of the modem and router until you have the best and most practical fix. Changing over to the 5G Wi-Fi system can result in a significant uptick in connectivity.

Your device may also be jumping between unsecured networks of the same name. To avoid this, use a secure network and switch off the ‘connect automatically’ choice on devices so they don’t jump between networks.

Overloaded network

Movies and games can use a large amount of bandwidth. Suppose you work late on a project when the family is home, and everyone has jumped onto their devices. In that case, the system cannot cope and will let you know it’s overloaded by dropping the connection.

Your internet provider will have promised you a certain speed of internet. If you check these speeds and find they are lower than advised, the problem could be the router, the modem, or an overcrowded network.

Try asking household members to pause their game or switch off the movie and see how the connectivity is affected. The way to get around this problem would be to allocate bandwidths to the different users on the network, so the kids’ games aren’t interfering with your income. The other solution would be to upgrade your plan with your internet provider to ensure everyone is kept happy with more bandwidth.

Drivers are outdated

The computer drivers are what keep you connected. If these become outdated, you will experience problems. Get around this by making sure your hardware is kept up to date.

Also, make sure the ‘automatic updates’ are turned on, so your devices have access to the latest technology from your service provider. It will help enormously in keeping those connections free-flowing instead of having to do sporadic internet troubleshooting when you have deadlines looming.

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

Sometimes it isn’t your system but the internet service providers. You only need to call and tell them your problem, and their team will work hard to find a solution. There may be problems with the setting of the internet subscription, which they can resolve.

The quickest and least frustrating way to find how to fix any poor internet connection is to give Buzz A Geek a call. Our trained professionals can troubleshoot and make sure you’re connected in the most suitable way for your unique office situation.

Mostly, internet troubleshooting is all carried out remotely, but you may need a technician to come to your office to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

Buzz A Geek has packages available for small businesses. For a small fixed monthly fee, we will prioritise your IT problems regardless of how often you need us. 

Next time you want to tear out your hair crying, “Why does my internet disconnect randomly?” call Buzz A Geek for calm, professional IT solutions.

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