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Why data back-up is important for your business

Large corporations are the ones that make the news when they have a security breach or are hacked, but make no mistake – small businesses are just as vulnerable, if not more so.

It is crucial for the smooth operation of a business – whatever the size – to back up data regularly and store it securely so that you are not left literally and figuratively in the dark in the event of a tech failure. Below are reasons data back-up is essential to running a successful business operation.

Data is crucial to business operations

Cyber-attacks are on the increase globally, with over 2250 being reported daily – and there may be more that go unreported.

Customer data, systems data, employee data – no matter what data you are collecting to run your business smoothly, you need to store it securely and back it up continually. In the event of a security breach, the information you have safely stored will get your business up and going again within a short time.

Human error

Often data is lost due to human error. Whether due to an accidental file deletion, opening a phishing email or some glitch in software compatibility – when it’s gone, it’s gone, unless you have qualified tech support. According to a Tessian report on The Psychology of Human Error, 43% of employees have made an error that compromised cybersecurity at their place of employment. Employees need to have only the access required to complete their jobs. Even the best security plans can be derailed by a mistake.

Natural disasters

Storms, floods, and fires can shut down a business due to data loss if the information is stored on site. It also doesn’t look good for your customers if you have to admit a data loss because of a failure to back up. It is estimated that 60% of businesses do not recover from a substantial and permanent data loss.  

Fast-paced responses can be to blame

Make sure your employees are security aware and know what to look for. Employees in banking, finance and tech particularly are expected to respond to emails fast to maintain productivity. Employees in a hurry can mistakenly click on a phishing email that purported to be from a customer or brand they were familiar with and which appeared genuine.

Let’s be proactive about data security. 

How often should a business back-up data?

Plan to do back-ups every 24 hours, with incremental back-ups every three to six hours. Consistency is vital – back-ups must be done regularly and often so the recovered data is as up to date as possible. If you are installing software that automatically creates back-ups and restores files, ensure it is easy to operate. Otherwise, employees may tend to ‘forget’ this function.  

How and where do I back-up business data?

Observe the 3-2-1 rule – three copies of your data in two different mediums, one copy stored off-site. Cloud storage providers can also have breaches or downtime, so don’t make them your only back-up choice.

What data needs to be backed up for a business?

The data you need to be backed up regularly will depend on how often your data changes. If you are generating lots of customer orders, customer payment information, delivery information, provider payments, orders, blog posts, emails, policy documents, and catalogues, then you need regular back-up. 

What can I do if I didn’t back up and have a problem? 

Call Buzz-A-Geek. Our mobile data recovery specialist is the largest in Australia. We have a reputation for fast, effective data recovery and can often retrieve information that other providers consider lost. Once you contact us, we will work hard to get back that lost data. We will then sit down with you and discuss ongoing support and advice on avoiding data losses in future. Our tailor-made solutions ensure your data is safe in the future.

There is no time to waste when it comes to data back-ups and data recovery. Call us on 1300 738 570 or send an enquiry message to set up a time for a recovery service and data back-up plan.

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