We’ve refreshed our website

code on screen

Buzz-A-Buzz has been busy working behind the scenes to bring you our new and improved refreshed website.

We’ve listened to your feedback to make sure you’ve got the best experience on our website, finding what you need as quick and as easy as possible. 

So remember, we here for you when you have any computer issues, you don’t have to worry about expensive call-out fee (we don’t have any) with most issues resolved in under an hour.

So if you’re having trouble don’t wait, let a professional fix it for you in a snap.

Whatever your issue…

We’ve got you covered 7 days a week for business or home and whether you’ve got a PC or Mac, smartphone or TV. 

So don’t suffer in silence or try and DIY a fix when you’re not sure what you’re doing trust our Buzz-A-Geek Super Heros.


Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

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