For Instant IT Support
For Instant IT Support

Unlimited Small Business VOIP made super-easy!

"Lt. Uhura! Open Hailing Frequencies!"

Putting Star Trek references aside we understand that profitable small businesses need to “cap” their outgoing expenses. So we’ve come to the rescue of many clients by providing a super simple and cost effective Business VoIP offering. One extremely low monthly fee covers your headset, access to a Cloud PABX platform, while giving you UNLIMITED calls to Australian numbers.

No Bill Shock. Super-Easy.​

Our Cloud based PBX provides über features like Group Pick Up, Day/Night mode and Call Queues. We also give you 10 direct-in-dial numbers allowing you to market your business better. And we’d even assign your very own Account Manager to your business.

Buzz A Geek’s VoIP for Small Business is the best way to go.

Buzz A Geek does VoIP in the Cloud


Buzz A Geek’s cloud based PABX system has all the advanced features a small company would want from a phone system.​

Simply you let us know how many handsets you would need and we do the rest. So whether you’re an existing small business or a brand-new startup, you can rely on Buzz A Geek to provide all your VoIP and Internet connection needs.​

A simple fixed monthly includes;​

  • 1 x Yealink SIP-T46G VoIP handset
  • Unlimited local, national, 13/1300 and calls to
  • Australian mobiles
    24-month contract
  • Access to our Cloud PABX service allowing you to setup call routing etc.
  • 10 Direct in Dial Numbers
All for $29.99 per month
(Based on a 24-month contract)

VoIP features include:

  • Extension dialling
  • Call transfer
  • Call park
  • Day/night mode
  • Paging and intercom
  • Queues
  • Ring groups
  • Speed dial
  • IVR
  • Time conditions
  • Group pickup
  • Call recording gave the Yealink SIP-T46G a 4.5 star review. Read the review here.

Don't consider yourself a Small Business?

Talk to us today about your VoIP SIP trunking needs. Starting from 5-channels and up, we help your business get ahead! All guaranteed by a strong 100% up time SLA.

So what's our process?


So you’re interested in hoping onto the VoIP super highway?

At this point you need assistance from one of our Geeks.


Use your phone to ring us on 1300 738 570


Fill out the contact form below at the bottom of this page.


We ask a few questions to better understand how our services can fit with your business.

Send help

We then dispatch one of our Internet technicians to your home or office. Setup and fine-tune your VoIP system.



Save the day!

We run through some of the capabilities of your Internet phone, make a few test phone calls, ensuring you’re happy with our service.

We accept DEBIT or CREDIT Cards.

Keen to get VoIP smart?

In our blogs section we took a deep dive into what comprises VoIP, how it’s put together, and what benefits a small business can derive from it.

Looking to move your business into the 21st century?

Fill out the form below to get one of our I.T. Super Heroes to ring you to discuss your options. Getting your own VOIP system is just a phone call away.

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For Instant IT Support
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