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Should I buy a new phone?

Should I buy a new phone?

For some people the success of a man, is not on his good looks, not on the car that he drives, the behaviour of his children, or the love of his wife.  No, in some societies the mark of a man is the mobile phone that he carries. 

When I first started to carry a mobile phone, (this is going back some time) I lived in Malaysia and if you don’t know anything about SE Asia.  Most of our electronics are made in Malaysia and so everyone has the latest and greatest of technology including laptops, mobile phones and other things that bing!

My phone – The house brick!

So, when I arrived in Penang, I went to a coffee shop with my wife and noticed that all the Kool Kids, put their mobile phones on the table beside their coffee, as if to say – look at me, I have made it in life.  So naturally I wanted to be a Kool Kid, so I put my phone on the table beside my coffee.  But – at the time my mobile phone was still one of those Nokia – House Bricks.  Mummy, what’s a Nokia?  Well darling, they are now extinct animals that were eaten up by the Iphones and Samsungs.  The Kool Kids had phones that can be hidden in the palm of their hand and I had a phone that was disguising itself as a common house brick.  My plan of being a Kool Kid was not working, if anything I was fast becoming the “Madsali” (silly white man) that has a house brick as a phone.

Be like the Kool Kids!

“What are you trying to say”, you ask.  Are you saying that the only reason that you should buy a new phone is, so you can look cool?  Yes, that is exactly what I am saying.  We all know that we never use most of the new features that they put on phones these days.  We know that all we really need is to be able to make a call, send a text, send an e-mail, do our banking, check social media, Whatapp our buddies, take a photo, check the weather, watch Netflix, read the paper, check the surf, Skype a business contact,  listen to music, listen to Podcasts, order a pizza, talk to Siri when you are lonely.  Did you know that you can measure things with your phone now? 

I love my phone!

What, maybe I do need a new phone.  Look at all the things I need my phone for.  How do I live without it?  Why don’t I give my phone the respect it deserves, why don’t I put it on a mantle and pay homage.  Oh hang on, I do!  I put it beside my bed, with my phone on one side and my wife on the other.  I put it in a little holder in my car and look at it when the police aren’t watching.  I “love my phone”.  So, should you! You know what, I think I might go out and buy a new one! 

Catch you later!  I’m off to look for a new phone.  One that has no comparison to a common house brick.

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