For Instant IT Support
For Instant IT Support

Get your Mac repaired today!

Our IT Super-Heroes eliminate most Mac related headaches within the first hour…

Oh no! There is nothing worse than having a problem with your iMac, Macbook, other device.

And this is where your local Buzz A Geek technician comes to your rescue!

Providing Mac repairs and services since 2010, we have 300 expert technicians dotted across Australia, who are all ready to fix your Mac.






The Simple Apple Truth

The problem with Apple products is that they have designed their products to be so straight forward, to work straight out of the box, never get viruses, get hacked, and their stuff just works. But when it stops working you’re in for a nasty surprise.

 Mac computers and device are not easy to fix when they go wrong. And the most frustrating thing is you’re forced take your Mac down to the local Genius Bar and get them to fix it. Often taking a few days to get it back to you.

But what happens if it’s out-of-warranty?

Whether your Mac product is in or out-of-warranty, or don’t have the time or patience to resolve your own technical glitches, then our Computer Geeks can certainly help.  


Forget packing up the computer and all it’s cables.  Rather schedule one of our technicians to come to you. We offer a same-day service, at no extra cost, with no hidden surprises.

Saving you TIME, your PATIENCE, and of ultimately your MONEY!

(Almost forgot: A trip down to the Genius Bar!)

So, if you have any questions about our services, our technicians, or our policies, feel free to call or contact us online.

Computer repairs in Australia

Here are a few common Mac OSX problems we fix for our customers

The Beach Ball of Death

This will happen quite often on a Mac. The pointer turns into a spinning beach ball while your Mac is having a think about loading up your email or viewing your photographs.


This could relate to badly performing hardware or just a corrupted operating system. Our Geeks can give your Mac a cleanup, upgrade the internal memory, or just replace failing PC hardware.

Misplaced or lost files

You feel a sense of dread when you realise that you may have lost all your personal memories or files you keep on your Mac. 

We can help find your missing files and documents and setup a continuous backup to keep those files safe.

And in the case of hardware or upgrade disaster we can recover your Mac back to it’s original self.

Connecting to the Internet using Safari is painfully slow

There are many reasons why your Internet connection could be slow. It might be your new NBN connection or perhaps a misconfigured WiFi router. 


But whatever the reason is; our Mac technicians are the networking wizards solving most browser, email, and TV streaming problems.

Running some of your favorite programs makes your Mac grind to a halt

Modern Mac PCs run incredibly fast and handle multiple applications all at the same time. However your Mac has a finite amount of resources (or memory for tech-savvy Mac users out there).


Running out of memory can cause a Mac  to SLLLOOOW DOOWNN. Our techs can tweak a few software settings or clean it up to get your Mac running more smoothly again. 

Aaaargggghh! My Mac won’t start!

If your Mac is emitting a *BEEP*ING noise every 3 seconds, the power LED flashes, or the display shows a crash, then you need an expert to perform a set of diagnostics, find the fault, fix it, and get your Mac back up and running.


Your Mac may require a reload of it’s operating or replace faulty memory, so we do all types of repairs to iMacs and Macbooks.

Forgotten your password to get into your Mac

The great thing about passwords is that they protect your personal data from other people. But what happens when you forget to write down your password? How do you get back into your PC? 

Our Geeks don’t force there way in but have all the necessary know how to reset your password without breaking your existing Mac setup.

Computer repairs in Australia

We solve this and more. Find out for yourself why BUZZ A GEEK is the most trusted support and repairs provider for Mac’s in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Adelaide and everywhere else within Australia….

Whether it be missing family photographs, corrupt work files, startup glitches, slow downs, and frequent crashes, these are some of the Mac-things that our Geeks can fix quickly.


We forget to mention that we setup new Apple Macs and transfer the data across from an old PC. 


We do that too.

Computer repairs in Australia

Good Geeks are hard to find… 

With us, we eliminate the hit-and-miss of you trying to get good technical help, we pre-select the very best tech for the job. You can be rest assured that your Mac problem will be resolved quickly first time.

So let us have your contact details and a description of the problem you’ve got and we’ll be get contact. QUICK as a FLASH! 

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