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Choosing your new computer for the end of the financial year

With the end of the financial year upon us, there are only days left to upgrade your computer and take advantage of the benefits available at tax time! But what should I get? Well, that’s a great question and one that is well worth a few minutes to explore.

Let’s explore some of the common options that you will face when trying to decide on a new machine.


When we discuss form factor, we are talking about what type of computer is going to best suit your needs. Do you need portability and the convenience of mobility? Or are you tied to your desk, and prefer a larger screen and more power? There is no right or wrong answer here, you just need to assess what is going to be more practical for you.


Laptops are essential for anyone that is always on the go. If you are a small business owner who is working with clients at different locations, or even just for the flexibility of working in your favourite café for the afternoon, a laptop is a brilliant choice. Also, well suited to students or anyone looking to travel regularly like retirees, you just can’t go past the mobility that a laptop provides. The downside may be a reduction in computing power, and often a smaller screen than on a desktop computer.


If you need maximum power and are primarily working from a fixed location such as an office or a desk at home, then a desktop computer may be the option for you! What you lose in mobility and portability, you usually make up for in slightly better performance, the ability to use a larger display, and the ease of upgrading internal components as you need to. This means that if down the track you need to increase your hard drive, add more memory or upgrade your graphics card, this is generally easier to do in a desktop than a laptop.

Conclusion, if portability is important, then a laptop is your choice, and if power and upgrade flexibility is important, then a desktop may be best for you!


Processing speed in computers is measured in how many cycles, or processes/calculations a computer can do per second. The usual method of measuring this is in Hz. The higher the number, the more powerful the processor, the faster it can process calculations! This means that a 3.4GHz processor will generally be faster than a 2.8GHz processor.

This measurement, as well as a few other factors such as how many cores the processor has (4 cores will be better than 2 cores) and how much cache it has (8mb will be better than 4mb), will determine which processor will be best for you.

If you are primarily running office applications and browsing the internet, then most modern computers will meet your needs. If you are powering large applications such as Photoshop or playing video games, then more processing power will mean a smoother experience!


Just like us humans, the more memory we have available to store frequently used information, the quicker and smoother we can respond! The more memory you have in your computer, the more applications you can have active at a time without affecting your performance. In general, the more memory the better. This means that 12GB of RAM is generally better than 8GB RAM. Again, your application needs will help you determine how much memory you need, whether you are using standard office applications or running memory hungry applications like video editing software.


As our other lifestyle devices evolve, so does our need to store their information! As the camera on your phone gains more megapixels, the file sizes also grow. And as they start to record 4K video, your home movie clips will also gain some weight. Essentially, every time we capture, store and save something, we are taking up space on your devices and computers. With this in mind, you are likely to need more storage over the coming years than you need right now, so it is wise to invest in a computer that has some room to grow.


Usability is really a combination of all that we have discussed so far. If you purchase a computer that has the right mix of speed, memory and storage, which is also the form factor that is most practical for you, then you will have a fantastic experience with your new computer! If you underestimate your requirements and don’t invest in a machine that is going to give you what you need, then this experience will suffer. The great news is that your Buzz a Geek team can help you figure out exactly what it is you need! Life’s always a little better with some help from our friends.


If you purchase high-quality products, like the Lenovo computers on offer from Buzz a Geek, chances are you won’t need to worry about using your warranty, but it’s great to know that you are covered if you do!

As with everything computer – bigger is better! So a bigger warranty is going to cover you for longer and provide more peace of mind when making your purchase. In Australia, our statutory minimum warranty is 12 months, but try and find a brand that giver you more; 24, or even 36 months of cover!

Our Lenovo PCs come with a 3 year manufacturer warranty, providing you with peace of mind and coverage for much longer than many other manufacturers.


And then it all comes down to… price! We all want value, and we all want to get the most for the money that we spend. Generally speaking, a desktop PC bundle will cost less than a laptop of the same, or similar, specifications. If you are on a budget, and need power, then a desktop may be the more economically viable option for you. However, there is no point in going for the cheapest if it won’t suit your needs!

Purchasing your new computer through Buzz a Geek, you can be sure that we are searching for the best value for you, and providing a top level support service to make sure you are getting the most out of your new computer.


Considering the options we have discussed above, we have carefully selected to great value, and fantastic performing machines for your.

1) Lenovo S500 SFF I5-4660S with Samsung F390 23.5” curved display

This machine is perfect for the desktop worker, and features a state of the art Intel Core i5 processor (4M Cache, 2.9 GHz, 3.4 GHz max), 12 GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive, giving you plenty of processing power and storage. Coupled with the Samsung display, this machine is a dream to use and will suit most home and office needs. Both the computer and monitor come with 3 years warranty.

Cost: $1,248.95 with FREE standard installation

2) Lenovo T560 i5-6600U 15.6” Laptop

This laptop is fantastic for those who need performance on the go! With 256GB of SSD (solid state drive) storage and 8GB of RAM, this portable solution will fly through office applications, presentations, email, internet and most applications with ease. If mobility is important to you, then this is a great option. This laptop also comes with 3 years warranty.

Cost: $2,299 with FREE standard installation.



Our Buzz a Geek deals come with FREE standard installation, which means that you will be up and running at home or in your office in no time at all. And as you start to enjoy your new machine, Buzz a Geek is only a call away if you run into any difficulty, whether it’s a virus or malware, adding new devices and peripherals, or even just additional training on how to get the most out of your new desktop or laptop, a super geek is always close by!

Complex installations including large data transfers may attract additional fees.


It’s a perfect time to grab a new computer, and now you have a better understanding of what to look for, contact Buzz a Geek to get an amazing EOFY deal toady, or simply head over to our contact page to enquire about purchasing one of the amazing deals we have for you in this article.

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