For Instant IT Support
For Instant IT Support

Need an internet technician? A handy guide to help you get online faster!

There’s nothing more frustrating than lagging internet or an urgent Zoom call that won’t connect.

But when a business or household’s metaphorical lifeline hangs in the balance, choosing an internet technician can be a bit of a lucky dip.

Whether you’re working remotely or operating a personal computer from home, it’s hard to know what to expect when it’s time to choose an internet technician. After all, if you knew what to look for, you could probably repair the internet yourself!

Because we’re passionate about providing computer users with vital education to keep systems running smoothly, we’re sharing what you can expect from an internet technician. We’ll also help you troubleshoot and decide whether you need an internet technician, or you can repair the fault yourself.

Book your appointment

Because of the nature of an internet appointment, generally, you’ll be allocated a window of time to expect the internet technician rather than a specific appointment. While this may cause a slight inconvenience, it’s often impossible to know how long the appointment will take. Allocating a time block will reduce the inconvenience caused by an unplanned event.

Service installation

If new equipment such as a connection device or new cabling is being installed, the internet technician will be sent by the internet provider. Once installed, they will connect to the internet and test all equipment to ensure a high performing connection and make sure that everything is working as it should.

Internet fault

If there’s a fault on the internet line, an internet technician will run diagnostic tests on equipment both inside and outside the property.

Faulty equipment will ideally be replaced at the time of the appointment or as soon as possible after the appointment.

You or a representative will need to be present for the appointment with the internet technician. You’ll need to show the internet technician the location of the equipment so they can troubleshoot. They may test any wall outlets, telephone cables and router equipment such as a modem to diagnose the fault.

Before your internet technician appointment

  • Before the internet technician arrives, make sure all belongings are cleared from the connection area and wall sockets to allow easier access.
  • Advise the internet technician if you’ve tested positive for COVID-19 or have recently returned from a COVID-19 hotspot.
  • Secure all pets
  • Advise the technician if you have a medical alert, safety alarm or any other emergency service reliant on an undisrupted connection.
  • If the internet is connected in a shared building such as an office, unit block, hotel or hostel, make sure access to the server or telecommunications room is accessible.

Do you really need an internet technician?

If you’re not sure whether you need an internet technician, here are some common faults that you might be able to solve yourself.

Single device unable to connect to the internet

If your phone, laptop and tablet are all connected to the internet and working fine, but your computer won’t connect, it’s safe to say it’s an issue with the device. Check all cables are plugged in and installed correctly. You might need to test with a new cable to diagnose the connection issue.

Also, check that you’re connected to the correct WIFI network and that the password has been entered correctly.

One final check is that the device is close enough to the modem or connection point to pick up the signal.

Slow performance

If the internet is slow to perform, you might have reached your internet allowance. Check your account held with the ISP. Lagging internet can also be caused by congestion on the line. If you’re signed up to an off-peak plan but trying to connect during peak time, this may also cause a drop in speed.

Websites that are slow to load may appear as a slow internet connection. Make sure it’s not the site you’re visiting rather than the connection itself.

Poor internet security

If your internet isn’t password protected, this can mean that your bandwidth can get chewed up and slow down the connectivity.

Always make sure the internet is password protected and anyone accessing the connection has your permission. 

Inefficient browsers

Some browsers can hinder internet performance depending on the pages you’re trying to access. If a browser requires Flash or JavaScript, switch to one that doesn’t (we prefer Google Chrome). Consider adding adblockers to save memory and increase speed.

Out of date equipment      

At the rate technology develops, the equipment can become outdated relatively quickly. If you’re struggling to connect but haven’t updated the modem or router in a  while, it might be time to check the performance of specific equipment.

In today’s digital culture, poorly performing internet can severely impact business and cause multiple frustrations for the home user.

To find whether you need an internet technician, contact Buzz A Geek today.

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