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Our 30-day money back guarantee policy

If, within 30 days after our technician has completed their visit, you experience the same technical problems as those that you first reported to us or that the work carried out on your computer by our technician prevents you from using your computer, contact our customer support. 

They will do their best to help you fix the problem and if, at the end of their attempts to solve the problem your computer is still not working, we'll give you back your money.

At Buzz a Geek we value our clients and are about ensuring that we delivery an awesome service to our clients at affordable prices. If however in the event that you are not happy with the results and the same issue reoccurs within 30 days, we would firstly like the opportunity to rectify it. If we are still unable to do this we will guarantee to give you back you money.

If we have advised you that you require hardware to ensure that the issue does not reoccur and you have choose not to act on this advice we cannot be held accountable should the issue reoccur.

  • Subject to clause (b) below, if we are unable to provide you with the Services we were contracted to provide to you, we will not charge you for those services in respect of that problem (Buzz A Geek Guarantee).
  • If during the visit by our technician providing you with the Services, we advise you that in order for us to complete those Services you need to upgrade or replace your software or hardware, if you choose not to upgrade or replace your software or hardware, you acknowledge that we will be deemed to have provided those Services, regardless of whether or not you choose to implement our recommended solution.
  • If you choose to not implement our recommended solution, you may forfeit your right to other Services which were to be provided by us.
  • If the Services we provide to you are not performed to a satisfactory standard, and as a result in the problem for which we were engaged to address subsists or returns, we will work to provide a solution to your problem quickly and at no additional cost to you. However, this will not include us compensating you for any other service fees paid by you to another service provider engaged by you for the same purpose.
  • You acknowledge that we will not assume responsibility for any pre-existing damage to your property which causes or contributes to our Services not resolving the issue for which we were engaged to correct.
  • When we sell you equipment, hardware or software, we may be selling such equipment, hardware or software on behalf of a third party manufacturer or licensor. We do not warrant that the operation of any software we install or service will be uninterrupted or error free.  
  • You acknowledge that software (and information technology and communications products generally), including your software, may have errors and may encounter unexpected problems, and accordingly, you may experience downtime and errors in the use of software.  
  • You also acknowledge that your use of such software may be subject to a third party licence.

Thank you kindly for your warmth, support, patience and persistence. When we discovered that something "weird" was going on for our business emails & online accounting program, no-one from our "support/help" desks could help us. I was really worried about if the problem could be solved. Then I found you on online and I appreciate the way you dropped everything and came to help us at such short notice, taking our "urgent" matter seriously. You were there for us when we really needed you. Business was back up and running immediately after your visit, thank you. We know we can count on you next time we need computer support and we look forward to seeing you again and referring you on to our friends.

D. Quinn, Mount Coolum, QLD 2010

While in high school Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak made and sold Blue Boxes to get free calls from public telephone systems.