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NDIS IT Solutions for your clients

For many people living with a disability, computer equipment and software can be their lifeline.

For your clients, software and hardware can provide access to vital services as well as important connection with friends and family.

When your clients need IT support, it can be difficult to know how to choose a reputable and reliable service that considers the needs of your clients as well as their equipment.

Fast, efficient, cost-effective mobile IT solutions

As a plan manager, you might not be familiar with their network and systems yourself, yet you need to choose someone who can diagnose the fault and provide solutions quickly and with minimal disruption.

IT services include (but aren't limited to) the following:

Why choose Buzz A Geek for NDIS funded mobile IT solutions?

While IT might not be your area of expertise, it is ours.

We offer a four-hour turnaround time (within metro areas) to minimise disruption for you and your clients. Where possible, we send the same technician to each appointment to avoid wasting time going over the same information.
At Buzz A Geek, we prioritise a mobile IT service that makes life easier for your clients. Regardless of the nature of their disability or living situation, we provide cost-effective solutions that get your clients back online faster with minimal disruption to daily life.

To find out more about our mobile IT solutions, contact us today.

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