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Workstation, Laptop, and Server Repairs

When your computers slow to a crawl, your check out stations crash, and your servers are broken, our experienced Geeks are there to help. With on-site service, we can get there quick to troubleshoot and fix your equipment failures before the downtime hurts your business.

Your time is precious, so our response time takes in account your urgency. We'll get your computers and servers up and running so that you can get back to running your business.

One-Hour Response Time

We guarantee a one-hour or less response time to all phone calls to 1300 738 570 or submissions via our online request form during business hours.


Like most, I tend to use and abuse my computer until it stops... then I freak out, call Buzz A Geek and pray my problems will be resolved...I have been using Buzz A Geek for 4 1/2yrs now and every time, EVERY TIME, they save me! I have never lost important information or images and they are conscience of not over-charging, which is why I return, or rather, have them return to me every time something goes wrong. I guess now I just need to listen to the advice they give me on backing up and viruses, but I don't mind the social friendly side of their visits.I never use anyone else when it comes to my computers and recommend them completely.Thanks Buzz A Geek, your advice and service is always appreciated very deeply :-)

A. Hargans - Peregian Springs 2014

Almost all computer users must know how destructive a virus can be. But then, it would be interesting to know that a virus cannot corrupt your PC on its own. It corrupts your system only when you activate it, by either downloading infected files from the Internet, or by sharing these infected files.