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Minimise your small business risk with IP security cameras

Network and IP surveillance cameras are now easily affordable by small business. They allow you to use your existing network infrastructure to monitor and record your customers and safe guard your employees. With sophisticated software installed on a workstation or server you can now record your live camera feeds and have them played back on demand. 

In the past most cameras were connected via network cable however breakthrough innovations in wireless technology means that you can now place your cameras anywhere within range of your WiFi network.

Some cameras even allow you to access the live video stream over the internet which allows you to protect your business from anywhere in the world.

So how can Buzz A Geek help your small business?

Our onsite network 'computer geeks' offer the following services;

  • We can plan, set-up and install a new security camera network
  • We can supply new security camera hardware
  • We can develop and maintain integration software between security systems and other 3rd party software
  • We can even configure your network to view your cameras from the internet

So if you're starting up a retail shop or moving into a new office and require some network help with your security cameras then please give us a call. We're always ready to help with sound advice to any small businesses.


We migrated our website from one hosting company to another, but encountered difficulties with data capture and corrupt files. I called Buzz A Geek, and within 2 hours our website was up and running again. I was extremely impressed with their efficiency and superior knowledge in highlighting the problem and fixing it immediately. Thank you Buzz A Geek. I will certainly be using your services from here on.

T. Heydenrych, Maroochydore, QLD, 2011

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