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Custom Built Computers

Why buy a pre-built computer that comes with programs and components that you just don't have a use for? Instead of being bullied into buying the latest, most expensive model without knowing if it's right for you, come to BuzzAGeek and our professional and courteous computer technicians will create a Mac or PC that fits your home and your budget. Tell our Geeks about how you use your computer and what you really need, and we can build you a personalized computer that has everything you need, and exactly none of the things you don't.

We will customize a computer to meet your specific hardware and software needs, as well as your wallet's. The components we use are always high-quality and durable but still affordable; we will never sell you under-qualified or cheaply-made parts. 

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As a small business I do my bookwork at odd hours, and I rely on technology during that time. I felt terrible calling in the evening, and when I got the answering service I was sure that I wouldn't be able to continue until the next day, but a Buzz A Geek techo called back and was able to get me up and running again straight away and came and fixed the problem the next day after I got home from work! Thanks Geek.

S. Anderson - Warana, QLD 2010

Anya Major, a discus thrower, threw the sledgehammer at the screen in the famous 1984 commercial.