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Internet Usage Policy—A Small Business Must-Have

By mnovak


As an employer you need to make sure your employees know what content they can view on company computers during their working hours. Even more so since, according to a survey done by, in 2014, roughly 89% of workers admitted wasting at least some time each working day on browsing Internet content unrelated to work.

Whether it's social media, private email, news or entertainment sites, all affect the productivity of your employees, and, as a result, your business loses money.

The Solution

To solve the problem with non-work-related content viewed by your employees, you need to enforce an Internet Usage Policy. Internet Usage Policy explains what kind of content and websites can be accessed during working hours and which cannot. Moreover, a good Internet Usage Policy has also one more benefit besides increasing the productivity of your employees—it helps to keep your small business's network secure.

What should the Internet Usage Policy at your company address?


Although there are many free sample Internet Usage Policies circulating around the Internet, be sure that the policy at your company addresses the following aspects:

  • Your employees should know that company computers and Internet can be used only for activities directly related to the company and during working hours.
  • Explain specifically what kind of content cannot be accessed by employees. The list should contain websites hosting pornographic content; social media websites; private email, and other websites not work-related. Websites which promote discrimination or are in any way harmful and defamatory to others should also be on the list.
  • The above also means that workers, in addition to not being allowed to enter those websites, cannot share, create, or forward links to websites containing inappropriate content to anyone during working hours and on company computers.
  • Employer can monitor and have access to every activity performed on company computers.
  • Unauthorized employees cannot access other employee's computers, accounts, or confidential information.



Your employees also need to be informed they're not allowed to disclose any of the confidential information stored on company computers. This is directly connected to limiting access of employees to inappropriate sites, for accessing i.e. pornographic websites, bears the risk of infecting the company computer with viruses, and, as a result, exposing the entire company to data loss and security breach.

Internet Usage Policy secures your company's network and data. Moreover, it increases the productivity of your employees which, in turn, contributes to the overall success of your small business. Needless to say, a well-crafted Internet Usage Policy is essential part of every business regardless of its size.

Interested in matters of cyber security at your company? Contact us, and we'll be more than happy to help you create a solid Internet Usage Policy. We treat each of our clients individually, crafting IT solutions according to the needs of your business.

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